On Sunday, July 17th, ABC household debuts that made-for-television one-of-a-kind CYBERBULLY starring Emily Osment and Kay Panabaker. It provides an within look at exactly how teens today are being terrorized and also subjected to cyber-abuse in ~ the hand of their peers and one courageous young woman’s last stand versus online bullying. Talking around their characters and the film room co-stars Emily Osment and also Kay Panabaker.  What is CYBERBULLY about?Emily: The display focuses ~ above a girl, my character Taylor, and also her fight with bulimia and cyberbullying. Her ideal friend Samantha tries to assist her, however she yes, really doesn’t understand how. It’s usually her story and also her insecurity and also how she handle it.

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Kay: the is . It’s not really based on a true story however it’s very relatable with whatever that is walking on v cyberbullying right now. . . It’s a huge problem and the more we lug attention to it, hopefully, the far better things will certainly get.

How go you gain the duty on CYBERBULLY?Kay: ns was going through a transition period and lock asked me come audition, and I said I was out of town and also couldn’t execute it. Climate they cast somebody else, and then in ~ the last minute she couldn’t be available, so i landed it. . . So I acquired thrown right into it, but I was stoked to be a part of the ’cause i obviously knew that to be doing it, and also I’ve known her for countless years. I likewise liked it because of the function — she is together a dramatic and drastic character. Ns really want to assist show that. Ns think the movie concentrates not just on her journey, but the journey of the ideal friend and the bullies and also how this totality subject matter affects lock all.

How realistically is cyberbullying shown in the film?Emily: us play it very realistic. Yet every little thing in the movie is extremely dramatic. It’s heartbreaking. But it’s really realistic in that everything in the movie, you totally believe. It additionally shows the exponential growth between where she starts and also where she ends up, and what she walk through. The crew and cast and also the director and also everyone did together a good job. Visually, what i look like in the beginning of the movie and also at the finish — the method my hair is styled and also what ns wear is just incredible. Can girlfriend relate come anything depicted in the film?Kay: ns think as public figures, we now ask for the public’s joining in our lives through Twitter with MySpace v whatever. And also people take it upon us that currently they have a straight line come you, castle can offer you job advice, personality advice. There is no much longer that sense of boundary with public numbers and, in general, there is together instant access to a person and also yet they really don’t know you and I feel like, as my mother’s constantly taught me, you constantly should conduct yourself privately as you would publicly. So if girlfriend wouldn’t say points to the person’s face, then don’t say them online. And also if friend can’t withhold you yourself from doing that then take you yourself offline and also figure the end a far better outlet for everything you’re dealing with.Emily: It’s a tiny hard come say that ns relate to my personality just since her life is therefore traumatic and also I’ve never ever really faced anything the is that emotionally strenuous. Yet my mommy is a teacher and also I heard stories about bullying every the time. I sat down and talked to she for a couple of hours prior to going to Montreal to try to get a grasp around what she hears and also what she sees in the kids and the toll it takes on them. So ns really wanted to obtain a complete sense the what it’s favor to be bullied. Have you ever been tempted come respond virtual to someone who is gift a jerk?Kay: No, ‘cause it simply sort of feels – us don’t go searching for things, however you uncover it. And then you think, ‘Wow, you really don’t know me if it is what you’re going come assume about me and also you don’t know me.’ Therefore, the doesn’t warrant a response. ‘Cause climate they’re simply going to save looking to gain a response. If lock don’t acquire it, climate they’re going come stop. . . When I have stuck up for a friend of mine, it no amount come anything. Ignoring them is yes, really the ideal solution that i found. And if girlfriend can’t do that, then discover some means to vent about it, but not to that person. Don’t give in to them. How execute you make a film around typing ~ above a computer cinematic?Emily: it is a very an excellent question. It’s difficult, due to the fact that a most the time that’s a challenge.Kay: it was really cool the method the film to be shot. Yet we had the most amazing DP and a great director and also a crew that operated together. They want to make it watch beautiful. There to be a couple of outside scenes, yet mostly that was within in a bedroom looking at a computer system – and how perform you make the gripping? The way that it was shot, us shot most of the so that you were no looking in ~ a computer system screen the entirety time.Emily: the was tough for me, character-wise, to go from ‘everything’s good’ come sobbing ~ I check out something online. There were so many scenes whereby there is an emotional adjust – i m sorry a lot of adolescents have – they are favor bipolar, they walk so quickly from delight to ‘my life is over!’ yes a lot of that in this movie, so that was more than likely the most difficult. I cried every single day. Every solitary day was just so emotional.Kay: and also sometimes she would have actually one or 2 scenes that were okay, climate there were days whereby she to be crying the entire day.Emily: and also then at the finish of the day, she like, ‘let’s walk to the gym!’ and also I’m like, ‘I’m tired.’ The whole time ns was shooting the movie, i was just so tired.

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 What was it choose working through Kelly Rowan?Emily: ns love her! She gained me on the healthy and balanced kick. She’s simply the sweet person and also she did just a an excellent job of providing me excellent advice, and doing it not prefer in a motherly way. Yet just in a very friendly, good way.Kay: Every scene i would have with her, she would certainly be like, ‘These to be my experiences and also this is what i have learned. Take it it or leaving it.’Emily: Yeah, and she’s an extremely real and she’s exceptionally down-to-earth and very funny. She’s very sarcastic. She’s similar to me, therefore we gained along really well.

 With that fast take top top CYBERBULLY, be sure to track in because that its debut top top ABC household Channel on Sunday, July 17th in ~ 8:00PM

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