Which Singer was Voted “Ugliest male on Campus” through the Fraternities at TexasUniversity?

April 25, 2016

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Janis Joplin never experienced a shortage of gigs or album sales, however she became a true legend after dying from a heroin dose at age 27. She unmistakable bluesy voice will certainly live top top in our minds forever. Right here are some facts you might not have known around the 1960s singer.

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Janis invested one semester in college, yet she dropped the end after cruel treatment by her fellow students. She to be voted “Ugliest guy on Campus” by Texas college fraternities, a brand that bothered she for the rest of her brief life.

She to be born in harbor Arthur, Texas. She was a shining young girl and great student. In high school, Janis join the Glee Club and also the Future teacher of America.Joplin wasn’t really popular in school and was frequently bullied. Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson attend high college with Janis and also mercilessly teased her. She became a small-town rebel in response, selecting to shade her hair and hang the end in blues bars numerous years She hitchhiked to mountain Francisco to escape college and also join the hippie movement.

Southern Comfort enjoyed having an unofficially representative in Janis. Her bottle was for this reason omnipresent the the company gifted her with a lynx cloak for every one of the free advertising and also boosted sales.

Janis met no shortage of masculine admirers in the entertain world. She smashed a party of southerly Comfort end Jim Morrison’s head. He to be smitten: “What a good woman! she’s terrific!” Morrison re-cover Janis’ call number from her producer. Janis wasn’t interested in Jim, who was majorly bummed the end over the rejection. Janis never enjoyed hallucinogenic drugs, which may have actually been why she didn’t dig Morrison.She stuck with alcohol until transforming to heroin (with which she overdosed in 1970).

Leonard Cohen famously wrote around Janis together his secret lover in the “Chelsea Hotel No. 2″ song. Actually, it’s not such a mystery:

“I psychic you well in the Chelsea Hotel You were talkin’ for this reason brave and also so sweetGivin’ me head top top the unmade bed while the limousines wait in the street 

You told me again you wanted handsome men yet for me you would certainly make an exception /

and also clenching your fist because that the ones choose us /Who space oppressed through the numbers of beauty/You resolved yourself, friend said, “Well never mind / We space ugly but we have the music.”

Janis to be a committed student of Kenpo Karate. She earned a third-degree black belt.

Amy Adams will play Joplin in one upcoming biopic, and the duty was a hotly disputed one because that years. Zooey Deschanel played Joplin in “Gospel according to Janis”. Bette Midler starred in a disastrous film called “The Rose” in 1979 based in Janis’ life.

Janis didn’t think music have to be about making money, but she owned a Porsche. .


Joplin to be arrested for using “vulgar and indecent language” throughout a power in Tampa, Florida in 1969.

You could have watched Joplin do at Woodstock for a mere $8 (the expense of a work ticket).She pocketed just $7500 to perform at the whole event.

Believe the or not, Janis only had actually one fight song throughout her career: “Me and Bobby McGee.” The song hit number one on the Billboard charts in 1971 (one year after she death).Janis to be terribly lonely in spite of rarely being alone. She admitted to keeping many lovers however remaining a creature of solitude: “Onstage, ns make love come 25,000 people — then ns go home alone.” Billie Holiday influenced Janis, that carried about Holiday’s story (Lady Sings the Blues) “like a bibleher entire adult life. Janis earned the nickname “Pearl” native her best friends, so she supplied the word as the title of her final album. She crafted her last will certainly in testimony mere days prior to her death. She left her buddies $1500 to throw a rowdy drink party.

Janis was a charter member that the “Dead in ~ 27 club”, passing far in 1970.

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 After her death, Joplin’s ashes to be scattered overcome the Pacific s by airplane. Just her parents and aunt were permitted to to visit the exclusive funeral service.