Keep her Eyes Peeled Meaning

Definition: come watch closely for something through one’s eyes open wide.

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Origin the Keep your Eyes Peeled

This expression and also its different keep your eyes skinned date ago to at some point in the very first half of the 1800s.

To skin something and to peel something median the same thing, although to skin is usually used for animals and also to peel is usually used for fruit. Therefore, to store your eyes peeled or skinned method to keep them there is no the skin over them (the eyelids). In various other words, you store them open.

Around the year 1960, both idioms to be still popular. After that, keep your eyes skinned declined in intake whereas keep your eyes peeled rose.

Examples the Keep her Eyes Peeled

Here is an instance of two college friends who are pointing out the end of a course project on i beg your pardon they have actually been working using the idiom.

Karl: yes! We’re lastly done with this greek project! i can’t believe all our tough work is finally saved on my speed drive. Many thanks for supplying your residence as a ar to occupational on this.

Frank: she welcome. And also I know; us are ultimately done! keep that zip record in a safe location so we don’t shed it.

Karl: Hmmm. Currently that you cite it, i can’t discover it.

Frank: oh no! We’re going to have to start all over!

Karl: No, no. Nothing worry. I conserved it online as a backup. Yet I’d still choose to discover my speed drive. I have to go, however keep your eyes peeled for that flash drive.

In this example, 2 friends comment on the possibility of pickpockets robbing castle while in ~ a overfilled music festival.

Lily: I’m having so much fun!

Grace: Stop having actually so lot fun, and also start being more careful.

Lily: Careful? for what? We’re in ~ a concert. It’s an alleged to be fun!

Grace: No, the an chance for pickpockets come steal your phone and also wallet. You shouldn’t even have carried those below with you!

Lily: I’m not worried around that.

Grace: I’m informing you, you’d much better keep your eyes peeled because that thieves or you can be their following target!

More Examples

In the listed below excerpt, the newspaper offers the expression in order to tell readers to watch carefully for one interesting component of a movie.

In this excerpt, the newspaper provides the idiom in order to tell consumers to it is in vigilant because that extra fees as soon as making a rental.

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The expression keep your eyes peeled acts together a warning or request for who to be vigilant, especially by making use of their vision come be mindful of what is about him or her.


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