"Tax, Shipping & Handling and also Internet Premium no included. Watch Auction details for complete details."

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Internet Premium : 19%Shipping: obtain EstimateSee unique Terms for extr feesThis auction firm offers a 4% discount come the internet Premium as soon as paying by cash or check. Please watch Payment Instructions listed below for much more information.">Cash Payment Discount:4% Location: Dousman (Town that Genesee), WI
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article Description: analyze descriptionBudweiser, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Clock, Battery Operated, Jebco Clocks, minimal Edition, NASCAR, 000301 of 8,000, 23" X 10 1/2", functions
Internet Premium : 19%This auction company offers a 4% discount to the web Premium as soon as paying by cash or check. Please see Payment Instructions below for much more information.">Cash Payment Discount:4% joining Requirements: Valid credit transaction Card forced for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, and also CashVisaMasterCardDiscoverPayment Instructions: winning bidders credit card will certainly be fee by Hagenau Auction & real Estate, llc within 48 hrs after the auction closes and before your item/items ship. We must be educated within 24 hrs you prefer neighborhood pickup. Please print your invoice and also bring it v you, together with proper ID, if you pick local choose up. Girlfriend must have actually your invoice and also ID so the we deserve to confirm payment prior to checking girlfriend out. This is because that the security and also protection the everyone"s purchases. Every sales are final and are topic to the buyer"s premium and are subject to the applicable sales taxation rates, unless the buyer gives a valid tax-exempt certificate at the time of payment. Her invoice will encompass your purchases, plus buyers premiums, and any taxes (if you room a Wisconsin resident) credit transaction card charge backs will certainly not it is in accepted. Wisconsin residents will pay sales taxes of 5.1% if you perform not have actually a WI resale number on paper with Hagenau Auction & genuine Estate, LLC. If you have questions on our payment measures please contact 262-490-7107 or email Rick
hagenauauctions.com.A late FEE of $10.00 will certainly be fee on the fifth day after ~ auction.Legal action will be instituted to collect any unpaid account and Buyer agrees to pay all prices of collection, consisting of reasonable attorney"s dues of THIRTY-THREE and ONE-THIRD PERCENT (33 1/3%), add to a finance fee of two PERCENT (2%) per MONTH (24 PERCENT every ANNUM) indigenous the date of the auction until the balance is payment in full.There will certainly be a $50.00 penalty to the person who lives for any kind of credit map chargeback or declined credit card. Currency Type: USDShipping Instructions: Items need to be gotten rid of within 10 service days that auction. Naught in a lot might be moved or transport from its location prior to being payment for, consisting of packaging & shipping fees. Local pick increase is available by appointment.Hagenau Auction & real Estate, LLC will package the item/s to be shipped, and also utilizes USPS (Postal Service), UPS and also Spee-Dee to delivery items. The Print load & Ship center LLC may be used to package & ship. Buyer"s will hold Hagenau Auction & genuine Estate, gmbh harmless because that any and also all shipping damages and disputes, it is the buyers responsibility to fix it through the shipper. $5 managing fee will certainly be charged because that each package shipped. The person who lives agrees to manage Insurance insurance claims through shipping agent. The person who lives is not forced to usage USPS (Postal Service) and may make shipping and also / or packaging arrangements with any professional shipping agency they choose.If you perform not agree with this shipping arrangement please perform not bid. You re welcome ask questions before biddingPreview date & Times: digital only, call with inquiries 262-490-7107 all items are sold, together is, wherein is and also with all faults, if any. No refunds or exchanges! NO assures OR WARRANTIES you re welcome ask all questions before bidding with any questions.Checkout day & Times: We have to be educated within 24 hrs you prefer regional pickup. Items have to be eliminated within 10 organization days the auction. Nothing may be moved or shipped prior to being paid for, including packaging & shipping fees. Location: online Sale Only, Dousman (Town that Genesee), WI 53118Driving Directions:
ACCEPTANCE that TERMS. Bidding on any item, whether in person, by phone, by absentee bid or via an web auction shows the bidder"s agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for Bidders. Any type of right of bidder under this commitment shall not be assignable and also shall only be enforceable by the initial buyer. The rights and obligations that the next shall be governed by the legislations of the state that Wisconsin. All bidders submit to the personal jurisdiction that the state and federal court in Wisconsin. Must a problem arise between Hagenau Auction & actual Estate, LLC and also Bidder, Bidder waives any kind of right to a psychological or listening in a court of law and also agrees to clear up the dispute through binding arbitration in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Bidder agrees and also grants that business of procedure on them might be derived by mailing a certified letter, comprise a summons, postage prepaid to them in ~ the address they noted to register. Regards to SALE. All home is sold AS IS where IS and also ALL SALES FINAL. Please ask all questions prior to bidding. If you space unsure around an item, please do not bid, because all sales are final. We will certainly be happy come answer any type of questions to allow for a optimistic auction sale. That is the Bidders obligation to determine condition, age, genuineness, worth or any kind of other determinative factor. Items space not tested, please ask all questions prior to bidding. Hagenau Auction & genuine Estate, LLC might attempt to describe or attribute was in advertising, on the Internet and also at the auction yet makes no representations. In no occasion shall Hagenau Auction & real Estate, gmbh be organized responsible for having actually made or implied any type of warranty that merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. Bidder shall it is in the single judge the value. The auctioneer to make reservation the appropriate to withdraw any kind of lot at any kind of time prior to its last sale and to reject any kind of bid for any reason. The greatest bidder because that each lot identified by the auctioneer shall be the "buyer". BUYER"S FEE. Buyers shall salary the final bid price that the lot, add to a buyer"s fee because that the lot equal to 19% of the final bid price because that sales performed via 6294.org. Over there is no sales tax charged for virtual sales unless you live in ~ the boundaries of Wisconsin. If girlfriend live in Wisconsin sales taxation will use unless you have a resale number on paper with Hagenau Auction & actual Estate, LLC before THE SALE-NO exception or that is the sale of taxes exempt property. If Sales taxes applies, it has the entire transaction including the the person who lives fee. SALES TAX. Buyers are required to pay any applicable state and also local sales tax. WARRANTIES and also DISCLAIMERS.. Every sales are final, with no returns or refunds. Bidders that bid from off site and also are not existing at the live auction or preview understand and acknowledge that they might not be able to inspect an item as well as if they examined it in person. It is the Bidders responsibility to recognize condition, age, genuineness, value or any type of other determinative factor. Hagenau Auction & real Estate, LLC will attempt to describe each item and any pertinent information around it. Hagenau Auction & real Estate, LLC will not be responsible for any type of errors or omissions in the description of the merchandise uneven it is a material and intentional misrepresentation of the item itself, Bidder agrees that everything is offered as is and also that they may not return any type of item lock purchase. Bidder additional agrees the under no circumstances will he/she start a charge earlier on his/her credit card. You re welcome ask all questions before auction and also if you space unsure us ask the you not bid. Hagenau Auction & real Estate, gmbh is not responsible for any type of failure to execute a bid as result of interruption of web line service, premature birth closing the items, or human being error. We can be reached at 262-490-7107. Please execute not bid uneven you understand.
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