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Ok so i posted a mod request for M&L Superstar Saga ~ above this websitehttp://s3.zetaboards.com/Lighthouse_of_Yoshi/topic/9011867/1/#newWe require some modders to aid us obtain this point going. That was initially my idea for a date of birth gift that I can give come my tiny sister (and I"ll repost what ns typed in this thread). We don"t have any helpers mainly because this site is dead. For this reason myself and "Teawater" talked it over and also decided that this may be a great place to begin asking for various other modders" help. If friend guys know of any type of other web page we can ask for aid please let united state know. Basically, us need assist replacing Mario v Peach and also Luigi v either Rosalina or Daisy. We still haven"t determined who will take Peach"s location yet (maybe Luigi or the unused princess)? We additionally need concepts for the story because Peach won"t be the damsel in distress this time around. Anyways, so you guys can gain the idea of what we"re going because that I"ll repost the message on here. Alternatively, you guys can just click (or copy and paste) the link above and check out the object posted. It has actually links to princess sprites and also whatnot for this reason feel cost-free to examine it the end please! hi everyone! i hope I"m not posting on the wrong board. So, this is much more of a request than anything else. I"ve got an emulator because that GBA on my laptop that i let my little sister play on. Few of her favorite games are Superstar saga and minish cap. She wishes the she can play together Zelda in minish cap or Peach & Rosalina in superstar saga. I was wondering if someone might edit one of these gamings to make this possible in time because that Christmas or she birthday. Her date of birth is top top January 17. There aren"t a lot of games (let alone nintendo games) with female protagonists so I assumed it"d it is in cool to surprised her with one of her favorite games featuring one of her favorite characters. Ns don"t have actually time to learn around modding and also all that since I work and also go come school. Ns tried asking someone to mod Ocarina of Time come replace connect with Zelda but the men there don"t it seems to be ~ interested and kinda seem prefer stuck increase jerks. I figured it"d be less complicated to mod a gba video game so I decided to questioning on here. Ns hope it"s no too lot to asking or versus board rules to write-up a request topic top top here. Hope to hear from you males soon. Thank you for reading!

Okay so ns asked Teawater what sort of modders we need for this project and he said this : an excellent topic!Basically just those two.-Graphics Artist (#1 many needed.)-And anyone that knows just how to insert the animations... (Those who know the data layouts and/or ready to learn them...) Otherwise, the pressure on me. Haha. It"s probably wise that the graphics be at the very least formatted in a certain way (e.g. Spacing/etc.)... If someone to be to decide to develop an importer somehow. (May or might not need to know about sprite layers and also their limits? Etc.)So if everyone is willing to aid us the end that would certainly be phenomenal the you.
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Wow... The story is actually pretty amazing, yes, really a creative christmas/birthday gift for her sister!Unfortunately, i can"t really draw sprites and also I likewise never hacked any kind of GBA game.I don"t recognize anything about GBA hacking actually, ns don"t recognize if ROMs deserve to be expanded quickly just by pour it until it is full bytes (like you carry out with SNES ROMs). If the game has no room because that the tradition graphics you"d it is in trying to apply, the reasonable point would to carry out would be increase the ROM, however tbh I have actually no idea just how this works for a GBA ROM.Hope someone helps you, and an excellent luck!--------------------I"m reverse-engineering and also hacking F-Zero (SNES)!My YouTube channel, with miscellaneous hacking tests
Why thank you. She loves Nintendo gamings (particularly Mario and Zelda games) therefore I believed it"d it is in the perfect gift because I won"t have the ability to buy her a video game console or anything. Do you occur to understand anyone that could aid us out or probably a website wherein I can ask for some help? we really need this to gain some much more attention.
Wow... That story is actually pretty amazing, really a creative christmas/birthday gift for her sister!Unfortunately, i can"t really attract sprites and I additionally never hacked any kind of GBA game.I don"t recognize anything around GBA hacking actually, i don"t recognize if ROMs have the right to be expanded conveniently just by pour it until it is full bytes (like you perform with SNES ROMs). If the game has no room for the custom graphics you"d be trying come apply, the reasonable point would to perform would be broaden the ROM, but tbh I have no idea how this functions for a GBA ROM.Hope someone help you, and good luck!
Teawater responded to you on the various other site. He stated : because that the ROM... The entire ROM is mapped to memory / you can accessibility all of the at any kind of time. Over there is method more than enough room. Superstar Saga is 16 MB, however there"s many of space in also what complimentary space girlfriend can discover within that much.... For all sakes and also purposes, you can make GBA ROMs walk to 32 MB... Just add the bytes wherein you require them / collection up the pointers to suggest there is all you"d should do... (
32 MB : Although, part movie related ROMs may support larger sizes, but that might or may not be due to the fact that of the hardware in the ROM cartridge???)He need to be do an account on here sometime. No sure when yet though. He need to let me recognize when though.
Like best now? The blog post was sort of developed ahead the time, yes. But posted it there until then. Yet thanks for moving them here!(In the theoretical scenario the anyone actually watched YL, you can easily reply as a guest. Only requirements a name, post (post contents), and captcha, i think.)So is there anyone else below who is at least somewhat interested in contributing something come this project? (Or in ~ the really least the town hall what happens/giving support/etc.)
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Yeah.. I figured that would occupational like the SNES, yet I simply wanted to it is in sure. The GBA is basically an "improved" (can be argumented) mini-portable SNES.So 32MB is the limit.. Wow, mother 3 is 32MB, i think mainly due to the fact that there are a small over 250 music tracks in the game.I"d prefer to help, but I"m no graphic artist by any means (anything I try to attract takes too long and doesn"t end up nice) and also I"m not familiar with GBA hacking.But, walk the sprite hacking also need ASM knowledge, or carry out we have actually the pointers for the sprite graphics already (so we make it allude to a freespace whereby the brand-new sprites will certainly go)?--------------------I"m reverse-engineering and hacking F-Zero (SNES)!My YouTube channel, with assorted hacking tests
-Yeah, that would be a an excellent way come think of it, ns suppose.-Pretty much, as far as ns know.-Okay. I"m at the very least happy to see that who responded. And I"m certain ninsega is together well....-Not really, it depends on certain variables. That helps through finding/learning formats. And pointers can be repointed to free space if require be... Have you ever opened VBA"s memory viewer?----- Superstar Saga (U) version. -----A general outline of the things to know go like this:Sprite indexes in Superstar Saga are 16-bits. In the layout of (binary) AAAA.BBBB.BBBB.BBBB = A gift the category, and B gift the sprite in that category. Categories space like... 0x1000 = Overworld computer sprites, 0x2000 = battle PC sprites... 0x3000 = Overworld NPC sprites... 0x4000 = Battle/Enemy Sprites, etc...The sprite indexes deserve to be uncovered in the NPC banks of every map, and also in the Sprite related table for battle/enemies/etc. I think that scripting could can save on computer sprite indexes too... Because that the most part, though, ns think I"ll skip the discussion on that part, due to the fact that the mass of what is most relevant relates more to the actual sprite-related data itself...0839EE60 - Sprites Database arsenal (Main) - This is the very first table... The is a perform of pointers. Each guideline is every category. (Starting in ~ at sprite #s of 0x1000, then 0x2000, etc. Therefore 0x0000 is skipped... And also that need to be the case for whenever the classification number is used.)Following the reminder of everything you choose, will lug you to 32-bit data every sprite. (So every 32-bit is because that each sprite in the category.)The data consisted of here deserve to be Animate, Graphic, palette indexes (I forget if the was 9-10 bits each?) and there"s also one little bit for if the sprite is compressed or not. And also possibly two(?) bits because that if the sprite is 4-directional, 8-directional, etc. (The color pension indexes one can be ignored for ar sprites because map"s NPC data additionally contains a list of color board indexes because that those, together well.)0839EE8C - Sprites (Animate) (Index indigenous Main) - guideline of classification # > pointer of entrance > several data here, it"d take as well much room to explain.0839EEB8 - Sprites (Graphic) (Index native Main) - guideline of category # > guideline of entrance > Uncompressed or compressed pixel data. (Should it is in in 4bpp format.)0839EEE4 - Sprites (Palette) (Index from Main) - tip of category # > reminder of entry > Uncompressed palette (16 entries. The first will constantly be transparent regardless of the color.0839EF10 - Sprites (Palette Alternate) (Index native Main) (May be offered with Gameboy Player / Gamecube feature.) - tip of category # > tip of entry > Uncompressed color board (16 entries. The first will always be transparent regardless of the color.0839EF3C - has actually something to carry out with Sprites. - i think it to be the variety of palettes a sprite contains. (The funny part is that i learned what this was from researching a Hamtaro(?) game by AlphaDream.)Of course, a longer tutorial (with visuals.) would more than likely be a an excellent idea as well...
I have actually never opened up VBA"s memory viewer, I"ll shot that later sometime.That information looks good, I"ll it is in looking into it a bit.So do we need to look only for sprite categories 0001BBBB and also 0010BBBB or room there much more related come PCs?--------------------I"m reverse-engineering and also hacking F-Zero (SNES)!My YouTube channel, with assorted hacking tests
VBA"s memory viewer is wherein my GBA hex hacking first started... 7 and also a half years ago. (I to speak "hex hacking"... Due to the fact that of course i did mess with Editors before that.)Thanks.
0001BBBB and also 0010BBBB : So basically 0x1000 and 0x2000? (Or 0x1*** and 0x2*** if 0s confuses anyone.)Those would be pc / Player character sprites, yes.
Nice to check out that girlfriend made that on right here Teawater. Hey CatadorDeLatas execute you recognize anyone on right here who might be willing to help us out v this mod? Or at the very least support us? This thread isn"t get much recognition. Ns am glad to view that you males started mentioning things end though.

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Sorry no being able to answer earlier, this new year is a rush for me so i didn"t have actually much time.I don"t know anyone that could help with the project, sorry.--I just gained to look in ~ the data ideal now, however it appears I"m modifying the dorn bytes? once I went to readjust 0839EE60 native FC come EC ~ above the memory viewer, simply as a test, the game just started playing garbage sound data on an limitless loop.--------------------I"m reverse-engineering and hacking F-Zero (SNES)!My YouTube channel, with assorted hacking tests
083CC2EC) to minimize the issue, the still wouldn"t work due to the fact that now the is like the exact same thing all over again. (Sort of. I think.)The recommended approach (if adding sprites come this category) would be to repoint the entire table somewhere where it wouldn"t overlap required data. Or if you"re simply experimentation for fun, you have the right to try... 0839EE60:083CC300... Yet I think that is better to monitor the pointer and also edit the indexes themselves. (You have the right to test top top the second (shows 0x40040201) and 3rd (shows 0x40080402) entries because that Mario and Luigi"s main ar sprites respectively.)Format: view these together binary (but I"m reflecting them in hex)000001FF = palette (9-bit) (Ignored for field maps, ns think.)0003FE00 = Sprite/pixel graphic (9-bit)07FC0000 = Animate(9-bit)78000000 = includes the 4/8 directional bits questioned earlier. (And maybe other bit(s).80000000 = Compression (1-bit) (Whether sprite/pixel data is compressed or not. I think Off=Compressed ; On=Uncompressed.)Some examples of editing the 2nd entry. (Which is
083CC300, mirrors 0x40040201)... Girlfriend could readjust it come 0x40040401 to change the sprite/pixel graphics index from 1 come 2. (Those space what castle are when the data is extracted from the 32-bit. Which is basically as an easy as (0x40040201 >> 9) & 0x1FF in your windows calculator ...) This will reason you to currently see Luigi"s graphics... However you view that the tiles space messed up? Right? Well, that"s because of the Animate index... You could update the one in the same method to resolve it. (To match the 3rd entry... I beg your pardon is
Teawater Ah, I watch now, ns was simply pointing to an invalid address.--------------------I"m reverse-engineering and hacking F-Zero (SNES)!My YouTube channel, with various hacking tests
Everyone: Anybody do any new Year"s resolutions? ( *hint*hint* = You could make one about getting associated with ^ project.
Hey guys. I"m just checking to check out if there"s any kind of progress you men made through the mod. As you already know it"s my little sister"s bday tomorrow. I"m not certain I"ll be able to get she anything. I"ll probably simply take her out for dinner or something and buy her something cheap from warm Topic or something if i can. I would certainly really love to be able to surprise her through this mode sometime.
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