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(Just prefer music..)Uh-huh, aiyyo yo, uh-huh yeah yeah, uh uh uhThere's no doubt, no doubt, no doubt, uhWorrdd up..(Ahhh babyyy...)(Just choose music...)To relax mine mind, so I deserve to be freeAnd ab-sorb sound that keep me 'roundDoin mine thang, constantly with no worriesPeace to Keith Murray.. ("just like music")To keep me flowin and also keep me goinAnd save me growin, and also keep me the E indigenous knowinWhat happens out there, is not my concernYou wanna die it's not my rotate ("just favor music")To execute somethin to me choose jump in the MercedesOn the highway, doin over eightyWithout music baby.. ("Oww! I'll walk crazy.. Similar to music")Make me contact my homey top top the phoneLike there's somethin new out, that acquired me in the zoneJust that feelin, got meI wish music can embrace me ("just choose music")Turn on some music, I acquired my musicTurn on part music, I got my musicTurn on part music, I gained my musicTurn on part music, I gained my music - similar to music
Put me in the mood v my womanGot me in the ear, sayin sweet nothingsMake love come out the mouth, no frontinLike all of a sudden, ("just like music")Takin away her worries and caresAny problems, music'll be ideal thereTogether complement yo, we a perfect pairIs that true Marvin? ("Yeahhhhh! Music")Yo, to get you come bang thisBody soul-snatcher, universal languageIt it is in the light, so open up upThis is it, what the fuck? ("just like music")One fly tuneThat have actually black and also white vibe in one roomNo confrontation, parlay every nightIt's just the emotion ("just like music")Music is the heart of the manMusic provides a, happy dayMusic renders the clouds role by babyYour music is my tears in-side my eyes (just prefer music)Your music renders me want to singGirl, music is a joy to lug (just favor music)Music is my heart and soul, an ext precious 보다 gold(Turn on part music, I gained my music)Happiness now is just a song away, simply a song(Turn on part music, I obtained my music)I love your music baby (I acquired my music)I don't worry 'bout a thing(Turn on some music, I got my music - similar to music)

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​Repeats and also ​​​​​​fades​​​​​​​Hey (la-da-da-da-daaaa-dah-dah-dahh) doo-doo, doo-doo-dooTurn on part music (la-da-da-da-daaaa) revolve on some musicJust favor music (la-da-da-da-daaaa-dah-dah-dahh) doo-doo, doo-doo-doo