You have to consider transforming the automatic infection fluid and also filter on your Mercedes-Benz every 60,000 come 80,000 miles. Years ago Mercedes-Benz asserted that these transmissions to be sealed for life and also didn’t require any kind of oil change. Yet their reference on transmission fluid has changed and now they recommend that you do adjust the fluid.

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Many owners and also mechanics believe that if you readjust the transmission fluid you may experience transmission problems. The debate that is supplied to support that case is the the transmission will act up because the viscosity that the old oil has changed compared to the new. Or that there may be corpuscle that will certainly be dislodged within the transmission which can clog the new filter.

Our recommendation is to readjust the transmission fluid to prolong the life that the transmission.

Required infection Oil

You will need 10 quarts of transmission fluid. Mercedes-Benz recommends the you use the MBZ ATF 236.14 transmission fluid. The only difficulty is the that oil selling for roughly $20 per liter.

Transmission fluid Alternative

If you are trying to find an different to Mercedes-Benz oil, we would certainly recommend the Valvoline MaxLife or the covering 134 infection fluid. That is essential to know that Mercedes-Benz doesn’t have these two fluids on their approval list. The doesn’t typical that these fluids don’t meet the forced specification. In fact, the same 722.6 infection is supplied in numerous Dodge cars, and also Dodge does use the Valvoline MaxLife in the same transmission. We have additionally used the Valvoline MaxLife in many Mercedes-Benz cars and have not experienced any problems. Valvoline Maxlife says that their oil is an ideal for Mercedes-Benz, and also Shell states that that meets the MB specs.

Tools & components Needed

In bespeak to readjust the transmission fluid oil you will certainly need:

We would certainly recommend the you use a finish kit that has the filter and also gasket.

Step by action DIY instructions on how to adjust the automatic transmission fluid and also filter.

Set her emergency brakes. Jack increase the vehicle on the prior if you room doing this project at home. Not important to jack up all four wheels.
Remove engine undercover. The panels under the engine are organized in location with 8 mm bolts.
Remove the 5 mm bolt under the transmission using an allen wrench. Be cautious as the liquid may still it is in hot.
Drain oil indigenous the torque converter and also the infection oil pan. Not all models have actually a talk converter drain bolt. The accessibility hole for the torque converter was eliminated from the infection casing in the at an early stage 2000 models. Permit the oil drainpipe for in ~ least 5 minutes or till no oil drips indigenous the infection pan.
Remove all the oil pan bolts. Lower the oil pan but be careful because you may still have oil that is tho in the pan.
Pull under on the infection oil filter.
Install brand-new oil filter by advertise it up.
Clean the pan and also the magnet if your car has one.Install the brand-new gasket and also the oil pan.

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Install the drain plug.Fill the transmission through 4 quarts the oil. Drive the car for 5 min.

Torque specifications

Transmission pan bolts: 8Nn.Drain bolt: 20Nm