Over the years, I’ve to buy a the majority of used albums, for many different reason. Some due to the fact that they had an exciting title or artwork. Some since they were affiliated v a group/crew that i liked. Others because a producer i like developed a monitor on an album because that an artist that I usually wouldn’t examine for. If I’m remotely interested and also the price is a dollar, there isn’t lot I won’t buy, folks. Today’s album is one of countless in my collection, that i bought supplied for a dollar on the toughness of 1 song, execute you remember N2Deep?

Hailing from the only area city that Vallejo, California, N2Deep was the Caucasian duo that James “Jay Tee” Trujillo and also Timothy “TL” Lyon. The group originally go by the name 3Deep, and also included Jay Tee, TL, and the group’s in-house producer, Johnny “Z” Zunino. Johnny Z chose to take a earlier seat from being an main member that the team (even though, technically he would stay the third member that the group, creating the entire debut album), which led to Jay Tee and also TL transforming the group’s name to N2Deep. The duo released your debut album Back to the Hotel

 on Profile documents in the summer on 1992.

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Back to the Hotel

 would earn the duo two gold plaques, one for the album, and also another for the lead single and title monitor (which is the one hit i was referring to in the first paragraph). When Back come the Hotel
was a advertising success, the did not get a many of an essential acclaim. This is my an initial time listening come Back come the Hotel
in its entirety, so lets see if its lack of love from real heads to be justified.

Intro – The album opens up with a sample of 3rd World’s “96° In The Shade” (I should add, that they had some tight harmony on that record) and a bunch of arbitrarily background noise. I’m not sure what the function or definition was behind this intro, however whatever.

Toss Up – Jay Tee and TL absent Back to the Hotel

 off v what will be a recurring template throughout the evening: mackin’ and also bangin’ out the ladies. Johnny Z build his funk instrumental about a section of Newcleus’ “Jam top top Revenge”, together the duo discusses recognize chicks and using them because that one thing, which castle affectionately refer to as toss ups, i beg your pardon the kids today would speak to “jump-offs” or “bust downs”. This to be garbage.

Back to The Hotel – This is the song that will forever specify N2Deep’s music career. Most people probably don’t remember the group’s name or the tune title, yet as shortly as castle hear the Lafayette Afro band horn sample, they’ll think its Wreckx-n-Effect’s “Rump Shaker”, climate the north claps drops, and also they realize it’s the hotel tune from those 2 white dudes. Speaking of white dudes, hilariously, because that the 2nd consecutive song, TL rhymes “honky” through “donkey”. And also while we’re discussing rhymes, Jay Tee and TL room not that nice once it involves spitting them. Johnny Z’s dope critical is what provides this track memorable.

Do Tha Crew – This could work together the prequel come Snoop’s “It Aint No funny (If The Homies Can’t have actually None)”, only much less entertaining. On this one our hosts firmly insist that the females they obtain down with, re-publishing the love (or booty) v the homies. Lyrically, this was garbage, but Johnny Z’s critical is type of nice, particularly the Johnny “Guitar” Watson horn sample brought in during the hook, which sounds very similar to the sample used on Jay-Z’ “People Talkin’, which actually uses a loop from a different Johnny “Guitar” Watson song. But I digress.

The Weekend – reportedly this to be the third single released from Back come the Hotel

, though ns don’t remember hearing that on the radio or see the video clip back in the day. Over a decent Johnny Z instrumental, Jay Tee and also TL celebrate the weekend by obtaining tore down and also poking on miscellaneous sexy.

Get Mine – Yes, they’re talking about pussy. This to be a hot mess.

V-Town – N2Deep reflects love for their hometown of Vallejo, that they affectionately contact “V-Town”, and invite a couple of of their fellow V-Town neighbors, E-40 and also B-Legit, to sign up with in top top the fun. Johnny Z’s crucial isn’t terrible, however none the the parties involved say anything that makes Vallejo sound like a ar I need to visit.

Ya Gotta Go – Jay Tee and also TL get their Cold crush on together they finish each other rhymes on this short interlude. This was type of corny.

Comin’ Legit – Jay Tee gets his very first solo share of the evening, and also it may too be a freestyle, together there is yes, really no design template to his rhymes, and also his hook is butt. Johnny Z lays down a below average instrumental, as Greg “Starchild” Houston adds some live guitar licks come it, included an extended solo come close the song. From the rhymes come the production, this was weak.

Mack Daddyz – Jay Tee had actually a solo joint, therefore it’s just right the TL it s okay one too, right? (N2Deep’s buddy daddy Milo, to add a brief reggae chant during the bridge of the song, and also Jay Tee does stop in close to the end, come drop a few lines together well, yet it still qualifies as a solo in my eyes, therefore there!) rather of straying native N2Deep’s favourite topic, TL sticks to the script as the brags about his pimp video game (his line out around wining and dinning a chick but never safety a penny, was kind of amusing in a, the doesn’t do sense, sort of way). Johnny Z’s instrumental was cool, but TL’s rhymes space subpar and also juvenile.

The Revenge the Starchild -This is a short guitar solo native their great buddy Greg “Starchild” Houston. Decent.

Shakedown – Jay Tee gets his second solo share of the evening, yet this time approximately he’s focused. Johnny Z samples steel Pulse’s “Blues dance Raid”, which provides the important a reggae feel, through Starchild including some guitar licks that give it a Latin feel (early stages of the Reggaeton movement, friend think?). Jay Tee speaks around the prestige of gyeongju unity because “we’re all the very same color, underneath”. Jay Tee doesn’t sound great top top this one, however I’ll give him props for the optimistic message. The Johnny Z/Starchild critical was decent.

What The F**k Is Goin’ On? – To even things up, TL gets his 2nd solo record of the evening, and also like Jay Tee, he’s supplies his second solo to bring a small substance. Kind of. Over a kind funk critical (and guitar licks indigenous Starchild), TL talks around the violence in his hometown that Vallejo. I wasn’t really feeling this one, and the included expletive in the track title was really unnecessary.

N2Deep (We’re Who?) – simply in case you were curious who N2Deep was, lock wait for the final song top top the album come answer that question. Johnny Z loops up a JB’s record and transforms it right into a smooth and also funky instrumental. Unfortunately, our hosts don’t placed it to great use, which can be claimed for many of Back to the Hotel


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After numerous listens come the album, I’ve concluded that Back to the Hotel

 is not an extremely good. Johnny Z gives a couple of decent instrumentals, that probably sound even better, if listened come while cruising the roads of California top top a beautiful 80°, sunny summer day. However no matter what coast you’re on, Jay Tee and also TL’s rhymes simply don’t cut it, potna. Johnny Z’s production may have worked better behind much more talented emcees. N2Deep should have actually taken Back to the Hotel
back to the drawing board, before releasing this mess.