Dear Tom,What do isobars stand for on weather maps?—Mal Wallis, LyonsDear Mal,A bar is a metric unit that pressure and isobars space lines on a weather map that affix points of same air pressure. Since variations in air pressure drive atmospheric winds, isobars offer meteorologists one easy method to evaluate wind direction and also speed.Closely spaced isobars indicate large pressure transforms over a small area and suggest strong winds. Commonly spaced isobars portray a weak press gradient usual of irradiate wind situations.Isobars likewise determine wind direction. Winds in the northern Hemisphere punch clockwise around highs and counterclockwise roughly lows. Frictional impacts at floor level reason winds to blow throughout isobars at around a 30 level angle toward reduced air pressure.

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Prince Harry states he ‘warned’ Twitter CEO ahead of us Capitol riot

by The connected Press via Nexstar Media cable / Nov 10, 2021

LONDON (AP) — Britain"s Prince Harry stated he warned the chief executive of Twitter ahead of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots the the society media site was being supplied to stage political unrest in the U.S. Capital.

Harry do the comment Tuesday when he was taking part in an digital panel top top misinformation in California. He said he do his concerns known via email to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey the day before the riot.


HARVEY, Ill. — new details have actually been released in the deadly shoot of a 2-year-old in Harvey.

Police comment to a home on Nov. 4 in the 15300 block of Lexington Avenue ~ receiving a contact that a son was shot. An main said a 2-year-old girl, determined as Majestee Hale, was found at the scene with a gunshot wound come the head.


About 900K kids got COVID shots in first week: WH

by The linked Press via Nexstar Media cable / Nov 10, 2021
WASHINGTON (AP) — about 900,000 youngsters aged 5-11 will have actually received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in their an initial week the eligibility, the White home said Wednesday, offering the an initial glimpse in ~ the speed of the school-aged vaccination campaign.

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Final clearance because that the shots to be granted by federal regulators on Nov. 2, with the first doses come kids start in some locations the complying with day. Now practically 20,000 pharmacies, clinics and physicians" workplaces are administering the doses and the Biden administration estimates the by the end of Wednesday an ext than 900,000 of the child doses will have actually been administered. Additionally, around 700,000 first-shot appointments are also scheduled because that the coming days.


WATCH LIVE: Rittenhouse sobs ~ above the stand together he defines the occasions on the night the the fatal Kenosha shootings



Pritzker uses an international stage to attract clean power investors, jobs to Illinois when GOP critics strike him on social media

WATCH LIVE: Rittenhouse sobs top top the stand as he explains the occasions on the night of the deadly Kenosha shootings


‘God to know what girlfriend did’: Fiancée of West side father eliminated after asking guy to move vehicle seeks justice


WATCH LIVE: Rittenhouse sobs on the stand together he explains the occasions on the night the the deadly Kenosha shootings

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