Tartarus is the key dungeon in Persona 3 and one can say wherein the "meat" of the game takes place. Girlfriend can conveniently break Persona right into two parts, what happens throughout The Dark Hour and also what happens outside of it. Tartarus is the largest and also longest part of "The Dark Hour". This huge dungeon is a full of 264 floors and also 6 blocks and also throughout every one of Tartarus there room blockades i m sorry you will certainly be can not to pass until they open up during the video game throughout the year.

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The an easy strategy for Tartarus that I commonly follow is i rush with all the floors till I with a "boss floor" this are placed throughout the tower and you"ll know when you uncover one since each floor that has a boss also has a teleporter. When you"re right here you can turn ~ above the teleporter and then at any type of time you wish you can use the teleporter at the entrance to be brought up to this floor. This is a large deal for exploration since running up so numerous floors each night would certainly be a full nightmare.

Tartarus Bosses

Tartarus - final Boss (Nyx) Guide

Tartarus Floor info & Bonuses

Tartarus Shadow species & Information


Those are the main guides the I have actually written for Tartarus the I would recommend you check out if this is your an initial time playing Persona 3 or a Persona game. Otherwise you"ll probably already have the ide of the video game down and how things work. As soon as you very first start playing the game you"ll want to spend as much time in Tartarus as possible. Ns usually begin focusing more on side quests and side tasks once the an initial semester is nearly over.

Regardless though, here"s part tips and also tricks you might find valuable as a rookie or a veteran!

Tartarus advice & Tricks

- Grind the floors in between the furthest floor you can teleport to and the blockade. I typically grind until most of the mobs room "distressed" at which allude I recognize I can easily handle the complete moon boss.

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- Once most mobs on any given floor are distressed send your team off utilizing "Split Up" and also search because that treasures. Generally I wait through the stairs and watch TV as they collect. This is a great way to get the yen necessary to upgrade their armor/weapons

- If you hang about on a floor also long fatality will come and also if you interact him, you"ll many likely finish up dead. Killing fatality will be a need for a future Request.

- friend don"t constantly have to grind as soon as you come to Tartarus! some nights when you come focus on act side quests you let go to include some range to exploring.

- You deserve to use the Teleporter to return to the very first floor at any kind of time girlfriend would prefer to completely restore her HP/MP

- Don"t forget to usage your consumable items! There"s no suggest in hanging onto everything you got since once girlfriend beat the last ceo it"s every useless!

- Scan every mob girlfriend come right into contact; specifically once Fuuka gets the capacity around level 30 come tell girlfriend if an capability will work simply by picking a monster.