Broadway's record breaking and an international longest running smash struggle The Phantom that the Opera is among the countless shows expecting to proceed to have audiences SURRENDER to THE MUSIC the THE NIGHT 8 time a week once Live theatre returns in 2021.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber's haunting award winning musical has had an unforgettable heritage being performed in 28 countries on 6 continents and translated come every significant language. One of it's remarkable productions to be its sit-down agency in Toronto, Canada at the recently renovated (at the time) Pantages Theatre (currently the Ed Mirvish Theatre) wherein it ran because that 10 YEARS and also 4,426 performances indigenous 1989-1999. The was one of the an initial major sit-down English productions adhering to its inaugural debut in London's West End, Broadway, and its sit-down agency in Los Angeles. Numerous years later, PHANTOM's legend US nationwide Touring service providers would go on to go back to Canada consisting of its Toronto sit-down house for strictly restricted returning engagements.

Under the direction of the so late Hal Prince and also choreography by the so late Gillian Lynne, the sit-down Toronto production was led by and reunited original Les Miserables London on stage stepfather and also daughter….

Colm Wilkinson together the title role


Rebecca Caine (who to be the very first alternate instead of in London and also moved as much as being fulltime star) together "Christine Daae".

It additionally starred Byron Nease as "Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny".

The firm itself had actually a full set of replacements including most notably KISS' Paul Stanley that closed the agency as the final masked male himself.

The Toronto production also released a Canadian actors Recording featuring majority of highlighted songs from the show. That album topped the charts going 2× Platinum in Canada.

At the time of the debut of the new Canadian sit-down company, a complete 1 hour Behind the scenes documentary was made about the make of this production. In the documentary licensed has been granted BEHIND THE MASK, you will be over there watching the renovation of the Pantages Theatre, the actors in rehearsal, the crew loading in and creating the show's legend Award winning sets and also costumes, and heading into tech causing its 1989 opening Night. In addition, it also features a music video clip of the title track performed by Colm Wilkinson and also Rebecca Caine.

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PHANTOM is expecting to continue to haunt audience in London's West finish at she Majesty's Theatre, top top Broadway at the Majestic Theatre, and also many that its continued international providers worldwide.

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