Description: 12 secs sound clip from the Monty Python and the divine Grail movie soundboard.

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You can hear this line at 00:16:29 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- every right, we"ll call it a draw.

- Come, Patsy. (2)

- Oh, oh, ns see.

- running away? you yellow bastard! Come earlier here and take what"s comes to you!

- I"ll bite your legs off!

- Pie Jesu Domine. Dona eis requiem.

- Pie Jesu Domine. Dona eis requiem. (2)

- Pie Jesu Domine. Dona eis requiem. (3)

- A witch! We uncovered a witch. We acquired a witch. We found a witch.

- We"ve got a witch.

- Burn her!

- we have discovered a witch. Might we burn her?


And don"t apologize. Every time I speak to who it"s i m really sorry this, and, forgive me that, and, I"m not worthy.


Soundbites that the funniest quotes and also classic joke sampled native the movie Monty Python and also the holy Grail (1975). Every the sound files are in wav and mp3 format.

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Actors: Graham Chapman (Arthur, man Cleese (Sir Lancelot), Eric Idle (Sir Robin), Michael Palin (Sir Galahad), terry Jones (Sir Bedevere)

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