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Lisa Ligon has become the brand-new Country Music video clip vixen racking up three of the hottest country music videos in history. She started with taking the command in trace Adkin’s “Chrome” where she depicted something not much from she true personality together a biker chick. She then ended up being the “Hot Mamma” for Trace’s second #. She then rocked the video charts AGAIN v Brooks and also Dunn’s “Play other Country” as their lead nation girl. No girl has actually ever achieved three peak ten videos, so Lisa is important doing other right! So lot so, country MusicTelevision aired a show about Lisa dubbed “Video Babes” in June that talked all around Lisa’s life and also how she acquired started. Initially from Richmond, Virginia, Lisa attend George Mason University, majoring in Dance and performing v the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders for three years. She climate went for she dream of becoming one that America"s sweethearts, together a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. V a little luck and a lot of practice she quickly adjusted from college girl to "Cowgirl" touring through the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders present Group everywhere the world and also performing top top the sidelines at Texas Stadium. Lisa has completed 10 USO tourism performing for united state troops in Bosnia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Korea, Iraq, and Hungary. Lisa likewise made the covering of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar prior to deciding to move to Los Angeles to start training her own team of talented, beautiful women dubbed the Purrfect Angelz.Lisa is the owner, creator and choreographer the the Purrfect Angelz dance Troupe (, which currently has 46 expert dancers and singers performing anywhere the world. Lisa choreographed the Angelz in plenty of music videos including Trace Adkins’ "Honkytonk Badonkadonk", Toby Keith’s "High maintain Woman", as well as performances for the country Music Televsion Awards and also the Academy of country Music Awards on the CBS channel. Lisa was also the choreographer for Jeff Foxworthy’s "Big Night Out", NBC’S "Nashville Star", Comedy Central’s "Chocolate News" (starring David Allen Greer), and Oxygen’s "Dance your Ass OFF". Outside of her work running the Angelz, Lisa still continues to model professionally, holding plenty of spokes-modeling positions representing providers such as Budweiser, Gemini, Baytan, black color Fly"s Eyewear, and becoming the coveted "Miss Makita device Girl". She is very sought after because that night society appearances, signings, entertainment market promotions and also is a constant at the Playboy Mansion and also on the red carpets of Hollywood. She has actually been featured in many calendars such together Girls of south Bay, Dream girls (Cover Girl), American Beauties, Xtreme Motocross and and also you might have also seen Lisa featured in magazines like Stuff, Muscle & Fitness, Women’s" World, sports Truck, Easyriders, her Miss warm Rod layout in hot Rod Magazine, she layout in ingredient magazine, or her complete page story together “Babe the the Month“ in Playboy.

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Lisa is additionally extremely competitive, reflecting this next of she character as soon as she ended up being the an initial girl to victory $25,000 on the well-known television compete "Dog Eat Dog" and also being selected as one of the "Juggies" on Comedy Central’s “The guy Show”.Lisa"s full TV, Film and commercial resume is accessible upon request but just a couple of of her appearances include:The Oprah Winfrey Show, Saturday Night Live, Dodegball: The Underdog (Dir: Ben Stiller), Confessions the a Dangerous psychic (Dir: George Clooney), Coyote Ugly, gone in 60 seconds (starring Nick Cage) and Any provided Sunday (Dir: Oliver stone & starring Al Pacino).Links below to several of Lisa"s hottest music videos. Trace Adkins "Hot Mama" - and Dunn "Play something country"(as brunette)- Adkins "Chrome" - http://www.y