Original condition unpolished collection of 4 Roma make in Spain twisted stem silver plated wine goblets. Simply a an excellent set … moreOriginal condition unpolished collection of 4 Roma make in Spain twisted stem silver- plated alcohol goblets. Just a good set of 4 that might use a tiny polishing however look good like lock are. Less

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Dimensions3.85ʺW × 3.85ʺD × 5.4ʺHStylesSpanishPeriod1960sPlace of OriginSpainItem TypeVintage, neck or Pre-ownedMaterialsSilverConditionVery an excellent Condition, Original problem Unaltered, No ImperfectionsColorSilverCondition note No absent silver key no scratches or dents lock are just like I found them. No lacking silver plate no scratches or dents lock are just like I found them. Less

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