The answer to this must be b. FalseInterludes are small theatrical functions usually between two plays, and Shakespeare started writing whole plays because that London theaters, no interludes.

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Interlude is obtained from Latin native "interludium", inter means "between" and ludus means "play. " So, interlude is the pause in between the plays. Historical definition of interlude is "a short and also humor play the is played in between the beat or in the stop of the plays."

The career of Shakespeare began with writing plays because that London theater. It is unknown as soon as did Shakespeare started writing but it is well-known that several of his plays to be staged in London theatre by 1592. Several of earliest plays written by him space Henry 1 (Part 1,2 and also 3), Titus Andronicus and also The two Gentlemen that Verona.

So, it is false to say the Shakespeare career started with composing interludes.

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d. A story that frightened reader so much they would come to be suspicious of their surroundings

frankenstein is just one of the terror novels wrote by the authors in a kind of bet, lord byron challenged them every to write a ghost story, and also the story pertained to mary shelley in a dream, she wanted to conect with the fear of she society, fear of technology and changes, and she want readers come look around, freightened.


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now, that course, the quality and the seasonability of this winter dreams varied, however the ingredient of lock remained. They persuaded dexter numerous years later on to pass up a organization course in ~ the state university—his father, being successful now, would have actually paid his way—for the precarious advantage of attending an enlarge and much more famous college in the east, wherein he was bothered through his scanty funds. But do not get the impression, due to the fact that his winter dreams happened come be pertained to at very first with musings top top the rich, the there was anything simply snobbish in the boy. The wanted not association with glittering things and glittering people—he want the glittering points themselves. Frequently he got to out because that the best without understanding why he want it—and occasionally he ran up against the secret denials and prohibitions in i m sorry life indulges.

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Consider tim o’brien’s story "ambush." what distinctions do friend see in between how o’brien dealt with killing an adversary soldier in the minute of battle compared to looking back on the moment later in life? what can this comparison reveal around the results of war?
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Select the correct answer. Which theme is noticeable in this excerpt from alfred lord tennyson’s narrative city “the fee of the irradiate brigade”? “forward, the light brigade! ” was there a guy dismayed? not though the soldier knew someone had actually blundered. Theirs no to do reply, theirs not to factor why, theirs yet to do and die. Into the sink of death rode the six hundred. A. The folly of ambition and also greed b. The inability of humans to face death c. The heroism of unquestioning sacrifice d. The futility the obedience
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Suppose you have to verify exactly how to properly use commas. You open your english textbook and scan the chapter titles. In which one would certainly you many likely find the details you need? ; ; ; ; that"s the ? im having truble with
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Which statement finest describes the usage of satire in this passage? read the i from chapter 7 of animal farm together clover looked down the hillside she eyes filled with tears. If she might have talked her thoughts, the would have been come say the this was not what they had actually aimed at as soon as they had set themselves years back to job-related for the fall of the person race. These scenes the terror and also slaughter were no what they had actually looked front to on the night as soon as old major first stirred them to rebellion. If she herself had had any photo of the future, it had been of a culture of pets set cost-free from hunger and the whip, every equal, each working according to his capacity, the solid protecting the weak, as she had defended the lost brood that ducklings v her foreleg top top the night of major"s speech. Instead-she go not understand why—they had involved a time when no one dared speak his mind, as soon as fierce, growling dog roamed everywhere, and when you had actually to watch your comrades torn to pieces after confessing come shocking crimes. There to be no assumed of rebellion or parody is provided to show the influence of stalin"s purge. Ridicule is offered to present the gullibility the the russian citizens. Reversal is offered to display how clover, representing the people, has readjusted ideals. Personification is provided to show the reader stalin"s thoughts and also feelings