Comparing different sports is often a great idea when you are acquainted with among them and you want to learn about the various other one.

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It’s also great to compare various sports come learn about what’s unique around each among them. This is what this article is all about.

I have actually been a soccer pan for more than a decade. I have actually watched soccer and I have played it numerous times. Together for basketball, ns have also played a variety of games, and also I have watched lot of of basketball matches. I’m utilizing my expertise in both sporting activities to create this article.

So without more ado, here space the similarities and differences in between soccer and basketball.

Differences between soccer and basketball

Soccer and also basketball deserve to be viewed as extremely various sports through a many people, and also you might come to be one of these people as well after learning about the adhering to differences:

1- taking care of the round is fully different in between soccer and basketball

As a soccer player, girlfriend are allowed to touch the ball with any part of your body except your arms. Just the goalkeeper is permitted to touch the ball with their hands, and they space only permitted to carry out so within the punish area.

This is just one of the rules that type the identity of soccer. “No touching please”

Soccer players usage their legs to handle the sphere on the field, and they likewise use their other body components to catch the ball and also keep it under their control.

Basketball at the same time relies ~ above the usage of the eight to score points. It’s favor the finish opposite that soccer

In basketball, you usage your hands to bounce the round and breakthrough forward, and also you use your eight to throw the ball right into the basket come score points.

You aren’t enabled to usage your feet purposefully in basketball to take care of the ball in any kind of way.

So in simple words, soccer is around kicking the round while basketball is around throwing the ball.

2- Soccer has actually a various points mechanism than basketball.

The winner of a soccer video game or a basketball video game is the team that scores an ext points throughout the game.

However, the way these points are calculated is different in between the 2 sports.

For example, soccer rewards only a single point per goal no matter how the goal was scored. In terms of points, one overhead kick the ends in a goal is precious as lot as an easy penalty absent goal.


It’s that straightforward in soccer. You score a goal, you gain a solitary point and that’s it.

Basketball rewards a different variety of points depending upon how friend land the ball into the basket.

For example. Friend either get 2 points or 3 points by scoring a ar goal. Whether you acquire 2 points or 3 points relies on the area the you score from. You likewise get a solitary point if you score a complimentary throw.

In other words, basketball rewards a different number of points for different scoring methods, uneven soccer, which only rewards a single point every goal no matter exactly how the goal to be scored.

3- Time is measured in different way in soccer 보다 in basketball.

In soccer, the timer that the video game starts native zero and also then goes up. The much more interesting fact about the timer in soccer is that it doesn’t prevent no matter what wake up on the field.

Whether the video game is on or no doesn’t matter for the soccer clock. It just keeps going also if the sphere is the end of play

A few minutes of extra time are provided to compensate because that the time lost while the sphere is the end of play, yet these minutes usually execute not enhance the number of minutes that room actually wasted throughout the game.

As because that basketball, the timer stop whenever the video game stops, and also it resumes when the game resumes.

In other words, every single 2nd of the allocated time for a details basketball game is actually played.

This may an outcome in unpredictable full match durations, however it provides both groups the full-time allocated to win the game.

4- Ties are enabled in soccer but not in basketball.

In soccer, plenty of matches can end in a draw. These room usually matches played in table competitions whereby the team the collects the most number of points wins.

In various other words, some soccer games are allowed to finish in a draw and also each team will win a single point in the compete table.

It’s precious noting the draws aren’t enabled in part soccer gamings too. Because that example, a world cup last must have a winner. But in plenty of cases, draws are allowed during a football game.

You can learn an ext about why soccer permits ties native this article.

Basketball on the other hand doesn’t permit ties in general. As soon as a tie takes ar in a basketball game, extra time is provided until a winner is decided.

Keep in mind that Basketball can afford not permitting ties because ties aren’t really common anyways, and also a lot of points space scored within minutes during a basketball game.

Soccer top top the various other hand has actually a really small number of goals every game, and thus ties room much much more common in soccer than in basketball.

5- unequal soccer, basketball has actually timeouts.

Timeouts are enabled in basketball. A basketball couch can ask the referee to avoid the video game in order for their players to record their breath and also in order because that the coach to obtain a chance to give brand-new instructions to their players based upon how the game is going.

This no the instance in football however. The only time the a football coach gets to talk to their players is throughout halftime and that’s it.

It is usually lot more challenging for a football coach to do drastic alters in your team during a football game due to the fact that they don’t acquire a the majority of chances to interact with the football player of the team when the game is on.

6- The fields of play and the teams.

Soccer fields are huge. A Soccer field is somewhere in between 110 yards – 120 yards in length. The soil of the field is typically made that grass, and 11 players per team play on the field during a soccer game.

Basketball courts space smaller. A basketball court is about 30 yards long. In various other words, some soccer fields are more than 3 times bigger than basketball courts. The basketball ground is generally made out of solid hardwood or plastic, and it is usually shiny.

As friend can very easily guess, a smaller ar requires the each team has actually a smaller variety of players, or else the whole court will certainly be crowded with players.

Basketball has actually 5 players per team in general. That’s nearly fifty percent the number of players on a football team.

7- football players wear different jerseys than basketball players.

The last difference that I desire to point out in this short article is the uniforms the the football player wear. Football player from both sports wear cleats, shorts, and a shirt.

However, there room slight distinctions in each component of these uniforms. Because that example, soccer football player wear t-shirts if basketball players wear sleeveless shirts and so on.


This wraps up few of the differences between soccer and basketball as soon as it pertains to the rules, the timing, the dress code and also so on.

Similarities in between soccer and also basketball.

While soccer and basketball are different in a lot of ways, they execute share countless interesting similarities. Here are some of them

1- Soccer and also basketball space team based games

Team based gamings are an ext exciting come me in general. I don’t know about you, yet I constantly love the town hall the way the players collaborate with each other and also the method they build their chemistry together.

Both soccer and basketball space team based games. They require high levels of collaboration amongst the players, and one weak link in the team can affect the power of the whole team.

2- The sphere is the main focus of soccer and basketball

There space a lot of ball based gamings out there, soccer and basketball room 2 of these games.

In both games, the players are forced to collaborate with each other by pass the sphere to each other until they reach their target.

They are likewise required come grab the ball from their enemy in one organized means when they shed it.

3- Soccer and basketball need some similar skills.

Agility, vision, endurance, running, and also so on, space all an abilities that room absolutely compelled if you desire to it is in a experienced soccer player.

Guess what, these same an abilities and plenty of others are also required to come to be a good basketball player.

In other words, soccer and basketball share a variety of required skills

For example, agility is required in both sporting activities in order come trick the foe by make sudden and also quick movements. Vision is forced in both sports in stimulate to understand when to pass the ball to a teammate and how to happen the ball to them, and also so on.

4- groups from both sporting activities assign a team captain.

Team captain” is a thing when it comes to both soccer and basketball.

Almost all professional soccer teams assign a team captain, and this captain identifies us on the field by put on a captain armband. 

A football team captain likewise has part extra duties top top the field. Because that example, they companion the referee as soon as deciding which next of the field each team will start on throughout a soccer game.

But what about basketball? Well, basketball teams can additionally have a team captain. A team captain’s obligation is to save their teammates motivated and to push them to carry out their best.

However, before I finish this article, the is worth stating that no all teams assign a team captain in basketball. It’s typically up come the groups themselves to decide whether they desire to select one of your players together team captain or not.


Both soccer and also basketball are exceptionally popular sports everywhere the world. 

It’s true the in specific areas roughly the world, one is much more popular than the other, but the overall popularity the both sports is undeniably massive.

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With the said, enjoy both sports, and also play both sports because each one of them has its own benefits to her body and also to your mind.