Made circa 1967-1989. If her shotgun has a serial number, post it for month and also year that manufacture. If it has no serial number it was made in the period 1967-1969.

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Retail value for a gun in an excellent or better condition would selection from $100 to $225 depending upon model variation, gauge, mechanical and also bore condition and remaining original wood and metal finish.




manymopars: made in March, 1972.

Retail worth for a pistol in the condition shown would variety from $100 to $175 relying on mechanical and bore condition.

I have actually a Springfield version 67F v no serial number but has a date code inside the tiny circle located on the barrel through a 4T and another v a 26T any Idea of the year?

Tim: make in July, 1973.

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Retail worth for a total in good or far better condition would variety from $150 come $200 depending on mechanical and bore condition and also remaining initial wood and also metal finish.

I have a Springfield 67F 20 gauge. Looking for the year. Thinking 1969-1971


Thank friend in advance!

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