In a recent video clip looking at the seven greatest clubs who room not right now playing top flight football from throughout the globe, I conveniently reeled off a perform of groups who have been relegated over the years in the introduction.

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The three teams I stated were Manchester United, Bayern Munich and also Atletico Madrid, back I can just as conveniently have included the likes that Manchester City, Juventus, Liverpool, PSG, Chelsea and also Borussia Dortmund. Every one of the abovementioned sides, and I could have gone on, are amongst the best football clubs ~ above Earth.

Now, I have seen suggestions of videos looking in ~ both the best clubs who have been relegated and also who haven’t to be relegated over the years, yet as that rapid list suggests, the list of clubs who have been relegated is rather simple one to put together. The is much rarer for a team to walk say a century or an ext without tasting relegation, however that is the subject of our video today.

Whilst it is rare, the not entirely unheard of, and there are a lot more than seven teams I can have included. To it is in clear, this isn’t the 7 best, I’ve simply tried to pick a varied 7 that hopefully will be of interest and aren’t focussed too lot in a single nation, and also I will certainly list the sides that missed out v the honourable mentions between first and second place.

Here space 7 soccer clubs that have never been relegated:

7. Inter Milan

Getting us began in this seven are Inter Milan, who organize the rare difference of never having been relegated within the Italian game. There room some real powerhouses within Italian football, indigenous AC Milan to Juventus, Napoli and also Roma, but all have actually been relegated at some stage in their long an illustrious pasts – albeit Juventus’ only relegation come as a consequence of the Calciopoli scandal fairly than poor results back in 2006.

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Nevertheless, the Old Lady have been relegated, and when the relegation was enforced, Inter Milan ended up being the just Serie A side never ever to have been relegated. That’s a pretty outstanding record, dating back to the club’s starting in 1908. In 111 year of football, Inter’s worst league end up came in the 1993-94 season when they finished 13th, and also they still won the UEFA Cup that season! In fairness, they go come mightily close that season, finishing just a solitary point over the critical relegated next Piacenza. Inter have actually actually had some of your worst continuous performances in the league over the last decade, with league finishes as low as ninth, yet they currently look to be ago in company in regards to the organization at the very least under Antonio Conte.

6. Santos

Marinho (C) that Santos vies the ball with Daniel Alves and also Arboleda (R) of Sao Paulo during a match in between Santos and also Sao Paulo because that the Brasileirao series A 2019 in ~ Vila Belmiro stadium on…

Next increase in this seven, i beg your pardon I will certainly remind girlfriend is in no details order, is Brazilian outfit Santos. Santos are arguably the most commemorated club in Brazil, being among the most successful teams in the nation and additionally having offered birth to part truly great footballers. Santos room of course best linked with the job of Pele, who invested 18 year revolutionising the sports in the city the Santos. The society has additionally produced the likes the Carlos Alberto, Gilmar, Robinho and Neymar.

Founded 107 years ago in 1912, Santos have actually won the Brasileiro eight times, the Copa Libertadores three times, and the Campeonato Paulista 22 times. Santos never ever finished lower than 11th in the pre-nationwide era that Brazilian football, and also during the Brasileiro era, your lowest end up came in 1976 as soon as the club ended the season in 13th place. Santos are one of only three top flight Brazilian clubs never ever to have been relegated, and their league finishes end the last decade would indicate that document is i can not qualify to concerned an end anytime soon.

5. Cliftonville

Cliftonville are officially the earliest unrelegated football team on Earth. The football society was founded more than 140 years ago in September 1879 by john McAlery, a young Belfast-based businessman that pioneered the development of association football in north Ireland. Cliftonville enjoyed mixed fortunes in their beforehand years, getting to a number of Irish Cup finals yet suffering some hefty defeats versus English, Scottish and even some Irish opponents. That wasn’t till 1890 the a formal organization system was developed in Ireland, and Cliftonville join as among the eight founding members.

They winner the league for the first time in 1906, and also for a 2nd time in 1910, and also they continued to be a fully amateur outfit up until the 1970’s. The was likewise during the 1970’s that Cliftonville came among the closest lock have concerned relegation, finishing regularly in the bottom fifty percent of the table however managing come stave off a very first relegation. In 1998, the club went back to the summit of the north Irish video game with a first league title in 88 years. In more recent times, Cliftonville come mightily close come relegation in the 2003-04 season, once they finished 2nd from bottom that the ireland Premier League. That expected a relegation play-off with Armagh City which put Cliftonville’s top trip status under its greatest threat come date, yet they managed to win 4-1 on accumulation over the 2 legs. Cliftonville have appreciated much much more success over the last decade, and also they are 4th in the irish Premier league right now, a million miles from any relegation concerns.

4. Celtic

Odsonne Edouard of Celtic take away on Ryan Kent that Rangers throughout the Ladbrokes Premiership match between Celtic and also Rangers in ~ Celtic Park on December 29, 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland.

There space two Scottish clubs that have actually never been relegated, and it would certainly be three had actually Rangers not had to enter liquidation back in 2012. Celtic are the team the make the seven, as among the two indisputable Glasgow giants. Celtic space a an extremely old soccer club, founded some 132 years back in 1887 at Saint Mary’s Catholic church in Glasgow. Inspired by Hibernian, the aim was to use the team come raise funds for local impoverished children.

Celtic join the Scottish Football organization in 1890, and they finished third in your debut campaign. Celtic’s worst duration came in the years automatically following the end of WWII, with their worst league finish coming in the 1946-47 campaign, as the club finished 12th. That put them just 4 points above the fall zone, v Airdrieonians acquisition the unfortunate last relegation place, whilst Celtic would soon be earlier on top.

The society rediscovered its mojo in the mid-1960’s, ending a fairly barren spell through nine continuous top trip titles. Since 1965, Celtic have never finished reduced than 5th, and since 1995, they have only finished very first and second. In total, Celtic have won 50 top flight league titles, 39 Scottish Cups, 19 Scottish organization Cups and also one european Cup.

3. Al Ahly

I claimed I want to make this 7 varied, and also since the continent of Europe and also South America are currently represented, in third place we head come Africa. Al Ahly space an college of African and also Egyptian football, widely regarded as the ideal supported team in Africa and also officially the continents most decorated team.

Al Ahly were started in 1912, yet Egypt didn’t have a officially national organization until 1948. Al Ahly won each of the very first nine Egyptian Premier league titles, and also in 2019 castle won your 41st title. Nicknamed the club of the Century, Al Ahly room the 2nd most effective club in the world in terms of worldwide trophies, with just Real Madrid able come exceed your tally the 20. At the time of recording, Al Ahly peak the Egptian Premier league table with six wins from six games and also two gamings in hand end the two sides below them, so it would certainly be same to say the there aren’t too many concerns around relegation this season.

2. Boca Juniors

Smoke flares are seen as players go onto the field before the an initial leg match in between Boca Juniors and also River bowl as component of the Finals that Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018 in ~ Estadio…

River Plate’s relegation from the top flight of Argentine football featured in my recent video on 7 of the greatest shocks the the last decade, and also heartbreak for river in 2011 along with relegation because that Independiente in 2013 way River’s arch rivals Boca Juniors room the just Argentine club never ever to have tasted relegation. Boca were established 114 years ago in 1905 through a team of Italian and Greek boys, and also they didn’t begin out in the height flight. However, because winning promo in 1913, the club has never been relegated.

The league was increased from 6 groups to 15 groups in 1913, and in their very first season in the Primera Division, Boca perfect 5th. Their very first league location arrived in 1919, and Boca have been just one of the most consistently successful football clubs on planet ever since. They have won 33 Argentinian Primera department titles, trailing only River Plate, and six Copa Libertadores titles, second to only Independiente. Relegation functions slightly in different ways in Argentina to the traditional format european viewers will be supplied to, yet with Boca currently 2nd in the Superliga, any kind of fears the relegation would seem a long method off.

0. Honourable Mentions

In terms of football team who have never been relegated yet didn’t attribute in this seven, ns should cite the likes of Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and PAOK in Greece, Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray in Turkey and also Atletico Nacional, Independiente Santa Fe and also Millonarios in Colombia. In northern Ireland, Cliftonville do the seven, however Glentoran and Linfield could likewise have done so. In Scotland, Celtic to be the only inclusions, however they are one of two Scottish sides never ever to have actually been relegated along with Aberdeen. Spanish giants Barcelona and also Real Madrid have actually never to be relegated, in addition to the team who are around to feature in peak spot, whilst Portugal’s huge three Benfica, Sporting and also Porto have actually all never been relegated as well.

I could additionally have mentioned any type of of the following: Penarol, Nacional, society Guarani, club Olimpia, Cerro Porteno, SV Transvaal, society Universitario de Deportes, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Colo-Colo, APOEL, Levski Sofia, club America, Guadalajara, Hibernians, Valletta, Partizan Belgrade, Red Star Belgrade, FCSB, Anorthosis Famagusta, Zamalek, Dinamo București, The Strongest, St Pats Athletic, AC Omonia, Deportivo Toluca and also the whole MLS.

Contrary to popular opinion, the likes of Everton and also Arsenal have both to be relegated. Everton were relegated in 1930 and 1951, whilst Arsenal were only ever relegated in 1913. Glasgow giants Rangers had never been relegated up till their liquidation in 2012, Hamburg were the only mainstays in the Bundesliga up until their an initial relegation in 2018, and also Juventus had not been relegated up till their applied relegation in 2006.

1. Strong Club

Ever Maximiliano Banega of Sevilla FC competes for the ball with Unai Lopez of strong Club during the Liga match between Sevilla FC and Athletic club at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on…

There room three Spanish clubs that have never been relegated; genuine Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Club. The very first two have overcame the Spanish video game over the last century, and they made the honourable mentions, yet in optimal spot in this 7 we go with Athletic Club. More commonly described in Britain as Athletic Bilbao, athletic Club room the third most successful club in the background of the Spanish game, and also that is some achievement.

Football was carried to Bilbao by brothers shipyard employees from Sunderland, Portsmouth and also Southampton, together with Basque students that were return home having studied in Britain. In 1898, Athletic club was officially created, however Spanish soccer didn’t have actually a national organization up till 1929. Athletic society were starting members, and also in the inaugural La Liga season, they perfect third, behind real Madrid and Barcelona.

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They winner the next two organization titles, and added two more before the Spanish Civil war in 1936. Bilbao came closest to enduring the ignominy the relegation in the 2006-07 season, finishing simply one point over Celta Vigo in 18th. Lock had one more poor showing in 2017-18, finishing 16th, however they to be nowhere near the bottom three in terms of points. Athletic society bounced back with an 8 hours place finish last season, and also they’re up in 7th at the time of recording, with couple of fears of the drop this season in ~ least. What provides Bilbao’s record particularly impressive, as the third most effective team in Spain and also one of only three never to have actually been relegated, is their insistence also to today to just sign Basque-natives. Athletic society has had an unwritten rule because 1912 that they will just sign Basque-born or Basque-raised footballers, a philosophy which has actually been praised for promoting local youth team players but likewise criticised together discriminatory, and also it renders Bilbao miscellaneous of one outlier in the europe game.

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