Dedicated to all the DJ"s anywhere the world, man. (One because that the treble, 2 for the base Come top top Techa Nina, let"s rock this place)

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Tech"s in the place, everybody gain mainy Punks betta cuff yo lady, can"t nobody tame me reprimand me. For keepin she runny eyed merganser Ladies used to hate me, now they comin out they panties girls on the jock, pocket full of socks gained fat knots, somethin gone squat ?Down, puttin the down, under for the block? Tryin to be hot, but you flop, once you shot to the top but you not... DWAM!!! i ain"t never seen so much eco-friendly Than as soon as I seen as soon as my team hit the scene
It must be a dream. Hit the stage, everybody holla Gettin throwed, ?stripper reflects throw away a dolla? Father, ns don"t desire to leave nobody as well blessed Cuz castle greedy in the middle of what ns do finest You fixin to check out me in the TV v a few guest we bout to bubble baby, get ya waterproof vest Bout ta balloon <6x>
Bout ta Bubble, infant <3x> we calculating us drinkin and also smokin and humpin and likin that <2x> Yo, gain ya ID, passport, state skippin All approximately the world, busy through the base hittin us ain"t come because that bustin heads, yea we dislike trippin when we through rockin the shows, male we chase kittens J"s on mine feet, car full that beat, Trunk complete of heat, Caribou in the seat Frown, you deserve to make a song. Clown in the street Gimme the beat and we leakin

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No mercy because that the haters the weep On to the next, Minnesota to the Netherlands Veterans, caravans, gettin chedder, male Round the world in a day, off in LA Oklahoma, Dallas, Kansas City to the only Everybody hifey, the south really like me okay Bill gained it wherein the East coastline invite me Tech"s in the air once the mood yes, really strikes me Hey, us bout to bubble, for this reason imbedded in your psyche Hey, B-boys fight the flo" wit it turn off in Jamaica allow me view ya heel toe wit that Clown and crunk wit it, A-Town stomp wit it at the set, jugglettes make they double D"s jump to this residence on the hill, hella guideline drills Paul wall said he"d perform me increase a red grill Busta Bus circlin" the 5-6 ville forty water, he told me a lot in this organization for genuine Stormin. In Salt Lake City performin for Mormans out of they garments prior to the mornin, I"m charmin Leavin em torn, mess v the bull you get the horns Nina gets v a beauty, beauty best, it"s armin Misery"s behind me, labels tryin to sign me Ain"t too countless who don"t know just who the tech N9ne it is in Is she lookin for somethin through a future for this reason shiny Kansas City, Missouri is where she gone uncover me