Title: Tell Me How You Feel About Me (Do You Like or Like-Like Me)Pairing: Jongin/SehunRating: PG-13 (R-ish)Summary: Jongin may be in love with the cute new neighbor who he can see from his bedroom window.A/N: Written for
mrwu for
sncj_santa (originally posted here).

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Jongin lives in a nice little apartment complex on a stretch of road in Seoul that borderlines the city and the outskirts. It's the best of both worlds really because he gets all of the liveliness of the city during the day, but at the same time, the peace and quiet only the outskirts can give at night.There's a duplicate apartment building right next to his, owned by the same landlord and Jongin's bedroom directly faces the bedroom of one of the unit's in that apartment. Jongin used to love that about his room the most, back when he was young and his best friend Taemin lived right across and they would flash their ceiling lights back and forth at night in some secret code that they had invented. And in fact, the two buildings were so close together, they could literally climb into each other's rooms with some courage, strength and the help of the fire stairs on the side.He didn't love it so much when his best friend had moved away during the end of middle school and a new family moved in instead. Jongin was suddenly in close proximity with some little inspiring rock band guitarist, who would tune his electric guitar at the crack of dawn and play pulsing beats into odd hours of the night while screaming make some noise for Park Chanyeol! as if he was really performing at a concert. Jongin was more than happy when that family finally moved out a couple of months ago and he finally got his sleeping schedule back in check again. No one's been living in that unit since, but Jongin didn't even care, not when he's been subjected to angry guitar riffs for almost two years.Jongin's taking a much deserved nap after a particular grueling session of dance practice one late afternoon when a loud crash pulls him out of his sleep. He reminds himself to never sleep with the window open again no matter how stuffy it gets because something unnecessary always wakes him up. Jongin groggily opens his eyes and sees it's already dark outside, but there's a bright light coming from outside of his window. He sits up and peers out and is greeted with a tall boy in the apartment across, carrying two huge boxes filled to the brim."Be careful," a hears a woman's voice chide and Jongin assumes it's the boy's mother.Jongin groans to himself at the thought of having a neighbor again for the school year and prays to himself this new boy isn't into loud screamo music like the last guy or something even more disturbing. He gets up to slam his window shut and pulls the shade down with more force than needed and crashes back into his bed until morning.Jongin meets his new neighbor properly the next day when they're both leaving for school. Well, not exactly properly, seeing how the other boy just wore a stoic expression on his face and Jongin just nodded in his direction politely in response.There's no exchanges of hi, welcome to the neighborhood or I'm Jongin, I live next door, but what Jongin does manage to take away from this brief meeting is how attractive the new guy is, soft hair falling over a pair of sleepy brown eyes."So a new family moved in across from me," Jongin tells his friends during lunch later."Yeah? Is there a hot girl in that room now?" Baekhyun asks excitedly as he takes a bite of his sandwich."No, you horn dog," Jongin rolls his eyes. "It's a guy anyway. That one, over there," Jongin points to a tall brunette waiting in the hot foods line."He's cute!" Jongdae pipes up from besides Jongin. "Lucky you, Jongin! We all know what kind of view you get from your bedroom window," he wags his eyebrows up and down suggestively."Oh, that new guy? That's Sehun. He's in my Chem class," Kyungsoo says. "He's a snarky one."Jongin soon discovers that Sehun is indeed a very distracting neighbor to have even though he barely makes a sound. Sehun doesn't play an obnoxious instrument or blasts his TV at night or anything like that. No, Sehun is distracting in all the wrong ways, mainly in the form of his body. Because Jongin totally did not expect to be at his desk one night trying to draw out some choreography formations on a piece of paper only to look up to see Sehun stripping out of his shirt and walking over to his drawers to pull out a flimsy tank before pulling it easily over his body.Jongin thinks Sehun really needs need to invest in some blinds for his window.Sehun finds himself at the end of the art wing a week later knocking on a door that would hopefully lead him to where the school's dance team practices. He had barged into the orchestra room at first by mistake, earning weird glances from everyone, but luckily a nice boy named Joonmyun had pointed down the hall and told him where the dance team is located."I'm here for the dance team tryouts?" Sehun says from the door. He looks around. It's not a huge room, but it's nice, with big mirrors lining three of the four walls."Sorry? Tryouts were during the first week of school. You're a little late," Jongin replies before he finally recognizes who the voice belongs to."Oh, you must be the new guy," Yixing comes up from behind Jongin. "We could always use another member, right Jongin?""Yeah, I guess you're right," Jongin shrugs. "I'm Jongin," he says while extending a hand. "I'm the team's captain.""You're the one who stares at me through your window," the boy smirks quietly as he shakes Jongin's hand.Jongin drops his hand immediately at the boy's reply and furrows his eyebrows. "Excuse me?""You live in the apartment across for me, don't you?" the boy asks, a small smile tugging at his lips. "You're not as discreet as you think. I'm Sehun. Nice to meet you.""I don't know what you're talking about," Jongin grits out through clenched teeth as he feels his face heat up. God, this is so embarrassing, he thinks. Not only was he indeed the creep that had watched Sehun undress through the window, he was caught redhanded by the boy himself. "Now, are you here to accuse innocent people for staring at you or are you here to audition for the team?"To Jongin's surprise and dismay, Sehun dances very well for someone his height. Sehun dances the complete opposite of himself, his moves sharp and clean-cut instead of smooth and fluid, but it would contrast nicely with his style and even Yixing's, the vice captain. Jongin thinks they can really benefit from having Sehun on the team especially for choreographies that would involve angles and tutting, despite the fact that Sehun has a feisty little mouth and an extremely distracting face.Jongin pulls Yixing aside and after a few minutes of concentrated deliberation, Jongin turns to Sehun and tells him that he's made the team."Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, unless there's a performance or competition scheduled, then we crank up practices to three or four times a week. You think you can handle that?" Yixing asks him."I'm up for it," Sehun says without hesitation."Awesome, welcome to the team, Sehun! Our fall showcase is coming up so you can join our practice today," Yixing smiles.Sehun beams in response.After an hour of running through a few pieces of choreography for the showcase, Jongin is already regretting his decision to let Sehun join the team due to the fact he thinks he might have spent more time trying not to stare at Sehun's ass through the mirror than actually teaching the moves to the rest of the team. Yixing had given him several weird looks throughout practice before hissing in Jongin's ear to get his act together because he looks like a real shitty captain in front of the new guy right now. Jongin doesn't tell him it's because of the new guy he looks like a shitty captain.Jongin walks home from dance practice with Sehun. They don't talk much, just a few exchanges here and there about their favorite dancers and choreographers. When Sehun walks forward into his building, Jongin catches him by the wrist and asks for his number."That's a little bold, don't you think?" Sehun smirks and Jongin wonders how someone can be so annoying, but so attractive at the same time."Don't flatter yourself. I need it so I can add you to the team's group chat to let you know about practice changes and stuff.""Oh," Sehun replies flatly as he keys his number into Jongin's phone and is that disappointment in his voice or just my imagination? Jongin asks himself."Okay thanks, see you at school tomorrow," Jongin says quickly as he makes a beeline to his own building before he blurts out something stupid."Yah! Jongin! Kim Jongin! Do we have extra practice tomorrow?"That's how Jongin gets lulled out of his deep slumber, woken up yet again from one of his precious naps. He was going to murder Sehun when he gets his hands on him tomorrow. No one disrupts Jongin during his naps. Just because their rooms happened to be in extreme close proximity to each other doesn't mean Sehun can just shout into his window whenever he pleases. Shouldn't there be some kind of boundaries?"I already texted the group about it!" Jongin screams back in annoyance without even bothering to get up from his bed. "Go fucking check your phone!""It's in the kitchen, I'm too lazy! Just tell me!" Sehun yells back right after."Yes, we have practice! Now shut the fuck up and let me sleep!" Jongin growls and decides he's most definitely going to make Sehun do extra warmups during practice tomorrow.Jongin thinks Sehun must either really like showing off his body in front of people or he enjoys making people extremely sexually frustrated. Probably both. Because he can't possibly be at the same spot every night in his room at around ten, taking off his school clothes, in which Jongin swears almost looks like is done in slow motion, before putting on his pajamas.Jongin tries really hard not to look, but even out of his peripheral vision, he can see smooth planes of lean muscles and he wonders why the hell can't Sehun just get some goddamn blinds for his room. But then Jongin also asks himself why he can't pull down his own shades and drops his face into his hands in embarrassment.you were staring again, weren't you? go to sleep you creep comes a text a few seconds later and Jongin almost jumps out of his skin as he reads the message.maybe you should buy some curtains and stop flashing the whole entire apartment building Jongin shoots back.;) is the only response Sehun gives and Jongin seriously wants to go into Sehun's room at night and smother him with his pillow.Jongin really gets a show one Thursday night when he's sitting at his desk, face buried in his Chemistry textbook, cramming for an exam the next day. It had all happened so fast that everything seemed like a blur but one second, Jongin's staring at a complicated molecule diagram and the next, he raises his head and catches the sight of Sehun's naked back as he's being pressed against his desk by a boy with inky black hair and murderous eyes. Jongin's mouth drops open as the other boy pushes Sehun further onto the desk and then starts to fuck him against the window. Jesus Christ, I shouldn't be watching this, Jongin thinks to himself because it feels so wrong, but the way Sehun's shoulder muscles contract against the glass is such a turn on, Jongin can't tear his eyes away.Jongin thinks he's so royally screwed as his face flushes and he glances down at the tent forming in his sweatpants. He curses Sehun to hell and back for putting on such a performance, most definitely on purpose too, on a fucking school night no less. Jongin finally pulls down his shades because he's seriously starting to feel like a voyeur freak and climbs into bed to jerk himself off, wishing it was Sehun's pretty lips wrapped around his cock instead.Fuck, he was so going to fail this exam tomorrow.Jongin tries to avoid Sehun like the plague the following day at school, too embarrassed at last night's events to even face the other boy. It works for the majority of the day, but eventually, dance practice time rolls around and Jongin has no choice but to be in the same room as Sehun.And Sehun is a little devil as always, putting some extra emphasis into his smooth body rolls and hip thrusts, grinning at Jongin subtly through the mirror as if to say I know you watched me last night.The second practice is over, Jongin bolts out of the room, muttering something about having to run an errand for his mom and takes the long way home because even the thought of having to walk with Sehun alone is too much.They kill it at the fall showcase. The event is held at a local university's performing arts center and features performances from eight different high schools' dance teams. Jongin and Yixing had put together a breathtaking ten minute routine with both fast and slow songs that had the crowd cheering on their feet by the time Jongin's solo came around at the end.They're greeted with flowers and praises from their parents when it's all over and they definitely don't miss the group of shy, giggling fangirls that had gathered by the side."Let's go to that bar in Hongdae to celebrate!" Baekhyun calls out when they've made their way outside, still on an adrenaline high. "It's a bit sketchy, but they don't card, so why not?""Yeah, let's go!" Yixing agrees. "You guys did such a good job, I'll get first round!" He ushers the group towards the nearest subway station, but Sehun pulls back."Sorry guys, I'm beat, I think I'm just going to go home," Sehun says as he waves them off and starts to turn in the other direction.Jongin catches Sehun's wrist for the second time since they've met."But I want you to come," he says expectantly before he realizes what had just come out of his mouth.Sehun gives him a surprised look, but it's gone a moment later and he smiles back at Jongin."Take a shot for me, okay? I'll just see you later, Jongin," he replies and there's something unidentifiable in his tone that has Jongin thinking about it the whole night.Jongin returns home from the bar more drunk than intended as he trips his way into his room. Damn Baekhyun and his persuasive skills to get Jongin to go shot for shot. It's pitch dark and Jongin can see the bright light coming from Sehun's room from the building across. He's still up.And it's most definitely the alcohol that has Jongin making his next move as he raises his window up and proceeds to crawl out halfway and he can't believe he's doing this, especially while he's intoxicated. The last time he did this was back when he was young and he had snuck into Taemin's room so they can play video games together after curfew.Fuck fuck fuck, Jongin says in his head as he hauls himself to the ledge of his window and leaps towards the fire stairs and fuck, I'm drunk, I'm going to slip and fall and die, but luckily his years of dancing has given him some nice muscles as he propels himself from the fire stairs into Sehun's room.Jongin lands with a huge thud on the floor as he tumbles through Sehun's open window and the other boy shrieks."What the fuck!" Sehun cries as he gets off of his bed to examine what had just crashed into his room, half expecting a meteor or a giant bird.

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What he doesn't expect, as he stares in shock, is a boneless Jongin sprawled out on his floor."Kim Jongin! What the fuck are you doing? Are you insane? How the fuck did you get in here?" Sehun continues to scream before Jongin yanks on his arm, pulling him down onto the floor too while telling him to lower his voice."I'm drunk," Jongin says."Yeah, I can fucking see that, your breath smells like you drank five bottles of tequila, but nevermind that, what the fuck are you doing in my–"Jongin cuts Sehun's rambling off with a sloppy kiss to his mouth that has Sehun indignantly flailing even more. Surprisingly, Jongin's coherent enough to flip them over so Sehun's pinned to the ground and Jongin's all dead weight right now so Sehun can't even fend him off."You are such a little tease, you know that? You do it on purpose, don't you?" Jongin slurs as he kisses Sehun again and this time the other boy reciprocates as he threads his fingers through Jongin's hair and tugs."Took you long enough," Sehun breathes against Jongin's neck before licking insistently into Jongin's mouth and yuck, Jongin tastes like a walking bottle of cheap Jose Cuervo, but Sehun cannot even be bothered about that right now.Jongin kisses Sehun until they're both dizzy and panting and thinks yeah, maybe having a neighbor isn't so bad afterall.connect with me
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