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NFL players acquire slower together they flourish older, 40-yard dash times have actually revealed.

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It"s no mystery that humans acquire slower through age, however several participants in the NFL"s an initial veteran scouting combine where shocked come hear their 40 time this weekend. Michael Bush"s suffer was heartbreaking:

"A scribe damaged the news, informing the former Raiders and Bears ago that that clocked out at an unofficial 4.91 secs in the 40-yard dash.

Bush was mortified.

"You gotta it is in (expletive) me," the said. "... 4.91? ... There you go, there goes mine career."

Another question was asked, to rest the silence, but bush wasn"t ready to move on.

"Man, avoid playing. 4.91? friend all just messed the up for me," claimed Bush, pointing to a reporter. "A 4.91? That"s choose saying you can come turn off the bench, and you can come capture me."

None of us could, but Bush suggested that scouts will certainly count Sunday"s ill 40 time above all else, saying: "To me, i think that"s every they look at at."

That account to be told by"s Marc Sessler top top Sunday.

A 4.9 is alarmingly slow for a running back, however that time does no tell the entirety story.

The 30-year-old, 245-pound running ago has never been known as a speedster. He"s to be a power ago since he gotten in the NFL v the Raiders in 2008.

Bush was additionally not the only veteran that received a negative time.

Almost every player"s 40-yard dash time came out slower 보다 they expected, follow to SB Nation"s Adam Stites.

"They said I to be a 4.6 or something, yet I’ve been to run 4.3s and 4.4s all v training," former Cleveland Browns vast receiver Carlton Mitchell told Stites. "I think the lasers, ns think that the very first time they were utilizing them. Civilization that understand me know that I’m no a 4.6 guy. Once they said me the I claimed ‘What?’"

Mitchell elevated a valid point.

The veteran combine used electric timers rather of hand system, which outcomes in slower times, follow to Yahoo!"s Charles Robinson. The difference can be as lot as two tenths the a second.

NFL resource says vet integrate 40 times have to be adjusted .1 to .2 seconds faster when to compare to college combine. So 4.85 = 4.65 to 4.75.

— Charles Robinson (
CharlesRobinson) in march 22, 2015

If Robinson is correct, Bush"s time can have been together low as 4.71. That"s tho slow, yet not unforeseen for a veteran strength back.

In my opinion, the whole concept of 40-yard dash times is flawed.

Terrell Davis, the greatest postseason running back in NFL history, ran a 4.72. He was not a speedster, yet Davis had game speed. To run backs rarely run 40 yards in a right line. Castle juke, cut, and maneuver their way through a defense in hopes of break free.

Of course having great speed help players be successful (Champ Bailey ran a 4.28 in 1999), yet being a speedster the end of pads does not always translate come success ~ above the field. Maryland receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey ran a blazing 4.30 in 2009, prompting the Raiders to pick him seventh overall.

Since then, DHB has actually failed to start all 16 games in a single season, security time v three various teams. His best season come in 2011 when he captured 64 overcome for 975 yards and four touchdowns. He captured three passes for 33 yards through the Steelers critical season.

brand-new Fullback?

Duncan supposed to beat fullback

Jon Heath

"I have the right to see myself having actually my hand top top the ground and moving a guy in the backfield and also helping the run game out," Duncan said. "Pass blocking, getting out in the flats, all that stuff. I think it"s other I deserve to do in the future."
new Fullback?

If the NFL really wants to measure how quick a prospect can sprint 40 yards, they must throw a helmet and shoulder pads ~ above the player. Those outcomes would an ext closely resemble the prospect"s video game speed.

But the 40-yard dash most likely won"t change anytime soon. It"s provided as a measuring device to compare players, and NFL groups seem to be in love v it.

Fortunately for the players, a slow-moving 40 does not constantly make or break them.

Joe Don Duncan told me that he ran a 4.74 (almost a tenth that a second slower 보다 Virgil Green and Owen Daniels) once he worked out for the team 2 weeks ago. That"s not blazing rate for a chop end, however Duncan probably won"t be a classic tight finish in Denver.

The Broncos have not yet updated their roster to include Duncan, but right now lists him as a running back. Denver worked him at fullback and also H-back before he signed v them, and also that"s likely the form of position he"ll play.

For background on what fullback-tight end hybrids (H-backs) space asked to do, see this 2013 story indigenous SB Nation"s Danny Kelly. As an H-back, Duncan"s hands and blocking capability will be more important than his speed.

At the finish of the day, 40 times are useful. Yet don"t overvalue 40s when evaluating a player. Timed sprints have the right to be deceiving, but the film will not lie.

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