In the highlands the Latin America the five vertical climate zones are figured out by...

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What area has attracted human being for hundreds of years since of its gentle climate, productive soil and also adequate rainfall?Mexican Plateau
What are plenty of Caribbean islands?volcanic peaks
In Latin America, what attracted settlers to the mountains and plateaus?Its cooler climates and rich herbal resources.
What gift obstacles to inland advance in Brazil?escarpment
What to be the surname for europeans who asserted parts that the ameri for Spain?conquistadors
Most Latin American nations gain their freedom when?the 1800's
What are photo writings carved in rock called?glyphs
The an initial Africans concerned the Caribbean together what?Enslaved workers carried by Europeans.
The Aztec city the Tenochititlan was located where?On what this day is Mexico City.
Name the Caribbean archipelago that have political links to the united States.1) Puerto Rico 2) few of the Virgin Islands
Resforestation is what?Planting brand-new trees where woodland lands have been stripped and cleared.
Latifundia space what?Large, mechanically based farms
What components are crucial for Latin American nations to job-related toward better manufacturing and an innovation use?1) professional workforce 2) efficient Transportation
What is the migrate of people from rural locations to the cities called?urbanization
Name for a city with much more than 10 million people.megacity
Descended indigenous an area's very first inhabitantsindigenous
Name because that the clearing or damage of forests.deforestation
Name for a form of language unique to a certain group.dialect
Name for a steep cliff or slope.escarpment
Mountain arrays that operation parallel to each other.

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What is it referred to as to blend beliefs and also practices?syncretism
What renders Latin America vulnerable to herbal disasters?Because os its physics geography.