10 concealed Details Everyone fully Missed In The hard Times that RJ Berger The hard Times that RJ Berger was a cult comedy on MTV, and even though it had actually fans, also they can have missed some of these details.

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desire a mixture in between perverted anime and also teen drama, well, The difficult Times the RJ Berger resoundingly checks that list. There is no easy way to put it, it is a show around a high institution student who is well endowed and uses his newfound fame to take benefit of every sexual fantasy the has ever concocted. This show is basically a resulting age story because that the MTV crowd.

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Full of sex-related innuendos and overtly uncomfortable situations that always involve some type of sex-related situations. Like all fan-bases, also the many obsessive the fans can have to let go a couple of details here and also there. So because that those that watch the show, below is a perform of few of the most essential things the fans missed.

Lily has had actually a like on R.J. For years and isn"t afraid to let him understand it in the most provocative way. Throughout the season 1 illustration "Lily Pad" she leaves a note with a crucial for RJ in his locker.

The note could at very first sound choose a romantic love keep in mind from a secret admirer, at least, till she goes right into all the sexual stalker talk. Her note reads "You have actually the secrets to my love (and my holes) the the happiest girl in the world." it doesn"t acquire much much more straightforward than that.

For kids who thrived up in the 1990s and also watched every those ridiculous teenager movies about nerds all of sudden either getting the sexy girl in school or a nerd ending up being the sexy girl in school, can be acquainted with the principle of how the yes, really actors and actresses playing the teenagers were far from teenagers themselves.

Amber Lancaster, who plays R.J. Berger"s love interest, Jenny Swanson had just turned 29 in ~ the start of the show. What makes this also stranger is the the rest of the cast was or just had turned 15.

David Katzenberg has actually made rather a name for himself in Hollywood by producing the IT films, but, prior to all the fame, he had directed a brief film titled The story of RJ, about a well-endowed nerd and also his do the efforts to make it through high school while having actually awkward sex-related encounters.

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MTV executive took attention in the project and also ordered a manuscript for a television series to it is in produced. The name of the title was adjusted to The difficult Times of RJ Berger and the personalities in the brief film were fleshed the end to probably make a multi-season high college adventure.

7 Pinkerton High was Shot In California no Ohio

couple of movies or TV series are filmed in the place they are an alleged to be located in. Unless it is a show around Hollywood that is filmed in a Hollywood studio. So when fans room watching your favorite show that is set in brand-new York City, that is more than likely filmed in Chicago.

The tough Times of RJ Berger wasn"t lot different, as Pinkerton High college was supposed to be situated in Ohio but, instead, to be filmed in Reseda High college in California. Apparently, the creators wanted to profession cold, frigid winters because that the clear palm trees of California.

Usually once it involves initials because that names, it have the right to be easily taken what specifically they stand for. Various other times, that is a bit more complicated. Together for R.J. Berger, his mom can have revealed his real name in the season 1 illustration "Nerds unable to do Wild".

Viewers can hear she whispering underneath her breath "I love my Richie-poo" revealing the his actual name is Richard, as for what the J stands for is tho a secret that will most likely forever it is in unsolved. This is just one of the sad things around canceled shows, so many questions, so few answers.

5 The show Had two Executive Producers

some TV series struggle in between the an innovative ideas the multiple executive producers yet not The tough Times the RJ Berger executive, management producers. The show"s creators, David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame Smith were both credited as executive, management producers in the show"s credits. Both creators got their opportunities to alternating directing duties over the span of 24 episodes.

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Though, in part respects, every creator take it on their own role in the series with David Katzenberg taking over more of the visual results in the collection and Seth Grahame taking charge of the script.

Lily was the finest friend the R.J. Who had actually loved that even prior to finding the end what he pack in his jeans. For two periods she outwardly do the efforts to have actually her affection for R.J. Reciprocated through him. Sadly, when R.J. Lastly asks her to walk to the school dance with him, she is promptly hit through a bus.

Afterward, the two share a passionate lovemaking scene, resulting in her having sex with the young of she dreams. Though, during the minute of climax, she heart screen flat-lined, causing fans forever wondering if she go die.

3 The series Was meant To be Absurd

Some reflects take us a little too seriously. If others proactively seek to reach brand-new levels of absurdity. Follow to the show"s creators, The difficult Times of RJ Berger was never meant to represent something the hasn"t been seen before. T

here were specific archetypes the are uncovered in teen coming of age stories and also The difficult Times the RJ Berger supposed to use every solitary one. The cheerleader who dated the jock, that was covertly admired through the nerd, can not it is in groundbreaking, however it has actually a proven track record of success.

In the very first decade that the 21st century, truth shows hit their greatest peak. MTV was at the forefront of this trend, as they brought together few of the many absurdly ridiculous characters in tv history, placing them in a show together and also just letting nature take it"s course.

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One of the an ext successful experiments to be Jersey Shore, a reality-based collection with over the top brand-new Jersey residents, who all had an Italian heritage. In an attempt to flirt v Vinny, Lily costume likes Snookie, among the more popular personalities on the display to entice his attention.

1 The Pimple Mystery

Jenny is offered to gift perfect. So, once she breaks out v a negative case of acne, mile tries to comfort her by saying that he and R.J. Have actually acne breakouts constantly and also that it simply isn"t anything serious to issue about.

He, also, comments that R.J. Must be rubbing turn off on her, a comment she doesn"t find too comforting. Ironically, since of every the makeup the actors need to wear ~ above the show, no a single one of the characters claiming come have bad acne show any signs of pimples in ~ all.

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