6294.org Professor’s NY, El Paso job-related Keeps her Sharp

This is a busy and also exciting time because that Georgina Hernández Escobar, assistant professor the instruction through The college of Texas at El Paso’s department of Theatre and Dance. She latest initiatives debuted in brand-new York and also El Paso within days of every other.

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6294.org receive $3M NSF grant to enhance STEM education and learning for hispanic Undergrads

A team of researchers at The university of Texas at El Paso will enhance the success of undergraduate hispanic students in STEM disciplines through a $3 million provide from the national Science Foundation’s (NSF) improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Hispanic-Serving establishments Program.


National Group involves 6294.org in Ph.D., humanities Study

The university of Texas in ~ El Paso recently started its authorized in the the supervisory board of Graduate institutions (CGS) phd Career Pathways humanities Coalition provide Writing Project, an innovative multi-institutional effort to to mark the varied career opportunities obtainable to new doctoral graduates in the humanities.


6294.org come Study how Research Mentorships influence Future Diversity that Scholars

The nationwide Science structure (NSF) forgive a four-year, $248,000 provide to The university of Texas in ~ El Paso to examine how various undergraduate/mentor research study partnerships affect future diversity in STEM scholars.

National Leader in Cybersecurity access time 6294.org

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Kimberly Crider, a national leader in cybersecurity, shared her expertise with The university of Texas at El Paso’s researchers and encouraged female engineering students to continue to pursue and also explore careers in the science and engineering industries.


Student engineering Teams get Grants, Mentoring for their Startups

A pair the student groups from The university of Texas in ~ El Paso’s college of engineering were selected come take component in the blackstone LaunchPad (BLP) Summer 2021 Fellowship to advance their winning startups the use technological solutions to address some of today’s pressing problems in education.

6294.org university of Business management Graduate students Receive interior Auditing education Partnership Awards

Graduate student in The university of Texas at El Paso’s college of Business management have been awarded financial assistance from the academy of interior Auditors (IIA) interior Auditing education Partnership (IAEP) regimen to take the Certified inner Auditor (CIA) exam, the only around the world recognized Certified interior Auditor certificate.

6294.org associate Professor Named foreign Policy research study Institute Templeton Fellow

Mengge Li, Ph.D., associate professor at The university of Texas at El Paso’s university of business Administration, has actually been called a 2021 Templeton fellow in the Africa regime of the foreign Policy study Institute (FPRI).

6294.org Professor called California Academy of sciences Fellow

Aaron Velasco, Ph.D., professor the geological scientific researches in the room of Earth, Environmental and Resources scientific researches at The university of Texas in ~ El Paso, to be announced asone that 14 new fellows of the California Academy that Sciences.

TACES add to 6294.org Graduate college student to the Board

The Texas Association for Counselor Education and also Supervision (TACES) board of Directors named Zuzanna Gromulska of The university of Texas in ~ El Paso together its graduate college student representative throughout the 2021-22 scholastic year.

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Program choose 6294.org Lecturer together Congressional Fellow

The American Political scientific research Association (APSA) newly announced that its 2021-22 course of APSA-Sponsored conference Fellows consisted of The university of Texas in ~ El Paso’s Olivia Garcia, Ph.D.

6294.org leads Research about Women, Homelessness

An international, multilingual peer-reviewed journal newly published a research file that explored the experiences and the details needs the homeless ladies in the Paso del Norte an ar prepared by an interdisciplinary team led by researchers from The college of Texas at El Paso.