What is day-to-day Puzzle?Daily puzzle is a tiny trivia question at community Central. This puzzle was began on April 26th, 2007. This is the day that Neopets gained a correctly layout change. If you offer the exactly answer come the trivia question, you will obtain neopoints and/or items. Below you deserve to see the ahead questions, answers and also rewards. The everyday puzzle was removed from Neopets on march 18th, but because May 1st it"s back! due to the fact that July second 2012, the puzzle is held on the brand-new Community Hub page.

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January 2008
Date Question Reward
31st JanuaryWhich that the complying with faeries is not featured in Faerie Cloud Racers? Answers: TaeliaIllusenJhuidahSpace FaerieYou victory 100 NP and Fruity Faerie Fingers. Means to walk !
30th JanuaryHow old is AAA"s little sister Abigail ? Answers: 691011You have been awarded 300 NP.
29th JanuaryThis purple and green strip Petpetpet is lazy and also loves to wiggle around. Answers: VeespaZytchWormoebaGlymeYou have been awarded 350 NP.
28th JanuaryWhich of the complying with fruits can a Chia be painted to resemble? Answers: AppleStrawberryBomberryStarberryYou victory 150 NP and Apple Pie. Way to go !
27th JanuaryWhich Neopian species is NOT represented by a safety in The find for Princess Lunara ? Answers: SkeithTechoScorchioDraikYou have been awarded 325 NP.
26th JanuaryWhich of the adhering to Petpets can not be painted Custard ? Answers: GoldyDoglefoxKadoatieZebieYou have actually been awarded 300 NP.
25th JanuaryGalem Darkhand, former leader that the thef Guild, is a member of i m sorry Neopian varieties ? Answers: GelertSkeithTechoGrarrlYou have been vested 400 NP.
24th JanuaryWhich that the following dishes is available as a dessert at The golden Dubloon? Answers: Coral CakePinanna ParadiseOctopi SouffleFruit CakeYou have actually been awarded 350 NP.
23rd JanuaryWhat is NOT included in the Usuki pretty Princess Set? Answers: HatRibbonsShoesDressYou have been awarded 325 NP.
22nd JanuaryWhat colour is the Grundo room pilot in lost in an are Fungus? Answers: PurpleGreenOrangeYellowYou have been vested 275 NP.
21st JanuaryWhich of the following Battledome challengers walk NOT use the knife of Skardsen? Answers: RazulGoregasThe BringerBalthazarYou have actually been awarded 410 NP.
20th JanuaryWho changed Wyett Tuggins ~ above the lost Desert Yooyuball team in Y9? Answers: Luvea TrivonFenny VailVonde CayleDerbi AzarYou have actually been vested 375 NP.
19th JanuaryWhich faerie prefers to remain concealed beneath the water ? Answers: spring FaerieJhuidahAethiaNereidYou have actually been awarded 350 NP.
18th JanuaryAlong with cheese, these space Mazzews" favourite food. Answers: JuppiesDoughnutfruitGreen NeggsSniddberriesYou have been awarded 300 NP.
17th JanuaryOf which Neopian species is Samuel"s supervisor Taloo a member? Answers: QuiggleTechoNimmoRukiYou have been forgive 475 NP.
16th JanuaryHow countless points is a Flaming Doughnutfruit precious in Hasee Bounce ? Answers: 18201523You have actually been awarded 325 NP.
15th JanuaryWhat is the name of Fyora"s loyal longtime servant and also friend ? Answers: CasandiaPselliaEithneCelandraYou victory 300 NP and also Faerie Toast v Butter. Way to walk !
14th JanuaryIn which game do you take on an adversary known together The Scarf ? Answers: SnowmuncherSnow WarsSnow battles IICliffhangerYou have been vested 310 NP.
13th JanuaryWhat is pictured top top the Twenty Dubloon Coin ? Answers: SkullCrossbonesStarCrescent MoonYou have actually been awarded 400 NP.
12th JanuaryWhich Juppie isn"t an extremely tasty at all ? Answers: CocoaRedTealGoldenYou have actually been forgive 350 NP.
11th JanuaryWho led the forces of Sakhmet versus Prince Jazan"s army during the shed Desert plot? Answers: general DaconKing Coltzan IIIPrincess AmiraSwordmaster TalekYou success 100 NP and Pyramibread. Method to walk !
10th JanuaryWhat colour is the zero Usul"s hair ruff? Answers: BlackGreyBluePurpleYou have actually been awarded 325 NP.
9th JanuaryWhich robot Petpet can be linked with one Avabot to kind a Combobot ? Answers: Roburg 3T3RotawheelNeotrakMillipodYou have been vested 350 NP.
8th JanuaryWhich types of Neopet can not be painted Darigan ? Answers: RukiYurbleBoriWockyYou have actually been forgive 275 NP.
7th JanuaryThis professor"s claims around Spyders are thought about too great to it is in true by many scientists. Answers: Daina ChaniHugo FairweatherWertherVinsjinYou have actually been awarded 475 NP.
6th JanuaryTrickster Llugh provided his last yellow Juppie come this disguised planet faerie. Answers: IllusenIyanaIlereTyleineYou victory 200 NP and also Purple Juppie Java. Method to go !
5th JanuaryWhat is the name of the young Aisha Bruno wanted to impress in The tale of Woe? Answers: AliceRoseLilyDaisyYou have been vested 400 NP.
4th JanuaryWhat colour is the shell of a disco Turtum? Answers: PinkGreenBlueYellowYou have been vested 275 NP.
3rd JanuaryWhich that the complying with codestones is no red? Answers: BriCuiKewVuxYou have been forgive 375 NP.
2nd JanuaryWhat sort of fruit is pictured top top the sheathe of The delight of Fruit? Answers: ScrelonPurblareTangellaStrypedilloYou have been vested 350 NP.

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1st JanuaryHow plenty of hitpoints does a bronze Scorchstone heal? Answers: 15204080You have actually been forgive 325 NP.