Tomorrow we celebrate Halloween, a vacation with origins dating ago to the old Celts. This particular day it’s the 2nd biggest consumer spending holiday in America. In every the frenzy that make-believe horror, there is one constant…

Consider the pumpkin. Long before Charles M. Schultz imagine Linus wait all night in a field for the come of the ‘Great Pumpkin’, American poet, Carl Sandburg wrote his ‘ode’ to a easier time and also celebration.

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Theme in Yellow

I point out the hillsWith yellow balls in autumn.I irradiate the prairie cornfieldsOrange and tawny gold clustersAnd i am dubbed pumpkins.On the critical of OctoberWhen dusk is fallenChildren sign up with handsAnd circle ring meSinging ghost songsAnd love come the harvest moon;I to be a jack-o’-lanternWith disastrous teethAnd the youngsters knowI to be fooling.

Carl Sandburg ‘Chicago Poems’ 1916

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