In school, we learned that by mixing major colors we have the right to make secondary and tertiary colors. However, there room a wide range of colour that deserve to be created by mixing other colors together.

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There are much more hues in the spectrum of colors, choose magenta, i beg your pardon is in the household of pink and violet.

Let’s proceed the discussion…

Primary colour RYB version (Red, Yellow, Blue)

In elementary school, her teacher more than likely taught you around various colors by mirroring you the shade wheel. Together you deserve to see by this chart that you have the primary Colors i m sorry consist the Red, Blue, and also Yellow.

Orange, Violet, and Green are called secondary colors. This are vital colors the also assist create the next collection of colors dubbed the Tertiary Colors, which space red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet..

You have the right to experiment and also mix various colors together to achieve different results.


I know it’s a lengthy answer come a an easy question yet hopefully, currently you can understand that the answer is in truth not as simple. It all really depends on the shade model that’s in question.

The color magenta, is largely referenced as soon as talking about CMYK and also RGB colors.

A lot of world say magenta watch a lot favor a pinkish purple. Therefore if it involves mixing repaint colors friend can attain a similar tone by mix the colour blue and also red however you may have to add some white to lighten the up.

Using specific amounts that the 2 colors can make a big difference. If you put in an ext blue, the mixture have the right to look deep violet quite than magenta. If girlfriend put much more red right into the mixture, intend to gain fuchsia or maroon.

So you need to play roughly with the colour to acquire the wanted effect.

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Bottom Line

When it comes to making magenta v paint, the very first thing that you require to know is, it is a family members of purple and violet. You have the right to simply add the shade red or blue to acquire within the range of magenta.