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close to the finish of thing One, Daisy is informing Nick just how she has actually become an extremely cynical. When Nick tries come lighten the subject by convert topics to her daughter, Daisy responds by saying: 

It’ll present you exactly how I’ve gotten to feel about—things. Well, she was much less than one hour old...

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Near the finish of thing One, Daisy is telling Nick just how she has become very cynical. When Nick tries to lighten the topic by switching topics to her daughter, Daisy responds by saying: 

It’ll display you just how I’ve obtained to feeling about—things. Well, she was less than an hour old and Tom was God knows where. Ns woke up the end of the ether through an utterly abandoned feeling, and also asked the nurse appropriate away if it to be a boy or a girl. She told me it to be a girl, and so ns turned my head away and also wept. ‘all right,’ ns said, ‘I’m glad it’s a girl. And also I expect she’ll be a fool—that’s the ideal thing a girl deserve to be in this world, a beautiful small fool." 

Note that this is in the paper definition of Daisy"s comments around how pessimistic she has become. Nick had already listed "turbulent emotions" in she which is why he tried come lighten the atmosphere by talking around the daughter. Daisy claims that she wake up up in the hospital or delivery room and also Tom was no there. He basically abandoned her; a habit the would proceed throughout their marriage. Upon learning that the boy was a girl, Daisy started to cry. She may have actually felt that her daughter would have a similar fate; that she would prosper up, marry a brute like Tom who cheats on her, and be pressured to merely accept this role. Daisy seems to suggest that if she"d had actually a boy, she wouldn"t necessarily be happier about that but she would feel far better knowing that the boy, in a man"s world, would have an simpler life than a girl. 

Daisy originally falls back in love v Gatsby because there was real love there and also because he offers a sort of escape, even if it was only a fling (or "spree" as Tom calls that in the novel). Once her daughter is born, Daisy is worried that she (Pammy, the daughter) will have to marry someone like Tom and end up frustrated and cynical, simply as Daisy has. Daisy"s cynicism is legitimate. In chapter 7, Tom treats Daisy like a child, gift condescending also as the admits his infidelities: 

She does, though. The problem is that periodically she it s okay foolish ideas in she head and doesn’t know what she doing.” that nodded sagely. “And those more, i love Daisy too. When in a while ns go off on a spree and make a silly of myself, yet I constantly come back, and also in my heart i love her every the time. 

Daisy mockingly yet legitimately states she wishes her daughter will be a beautiful fool. Gift beautiful, she will certainly have more suitors, more options of men to marry. Gift a fool, she will be too ignorant to establish if she"s married a cheating brute the a man. This is the same as saying "ignorance is bliss" - being too foolish to recognize that her life is no so wonderful.