What is the definition of this expression? What is the relationships v "points" and also "socks"?


Corpse de Ballet

It’s an typical morning in ~ the brownstone, which way Sherlock has an completely consensual, completely independent ladyfriend over and also has politely notified Joan the this fact via post-it, i beg your pardon Joan considers much more “on point” 보다 a amount say on the handle. (It’s a ballet pun, choose the title. The authors are having actually fun this episode.) after ~ politely supplying their guest coffee, Joan and Sherlock are dubbed to a murder investigation– Nell Solange, a ballet dancer, was reduced in two by a wire in the theatre rafters.

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Kreiri is correct, 보다 "sock" describes hanging a sock on the exterior door knob of her dorm room to warn her roommate no to enter due to the fact that you are inside having actually sex. Walk here. The explicit authorize on the door is an ext to the allude than the symbolic sock.

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