I"ve simply been dubbed a Chusma (jokingly!) by a colleague because that looking at someone elses screen...she said she doesnt mean it as riffraff / vermin etc but she can"t to speak what she method clearly...what is she trying come say?

I agree v Eddy top top this one.

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Where i come from, and also I recognize that the an interpretation is the very same in Mexico, "chusma" is offered to describe "low class" people. The best English equivalent I have the right to think that is "riff-raff"


Sorry, ns missed your comment around "riff-raff" and "vermin". Nevertheless, the is what it method to me.

In Mexico "chusma" refers appropriately to a group of people, a group of bad mannered people, and also not come a certain person.

The DRAE says:


(Del genovés ant. Ciüsma, y este del gr. ????????, canto acompasado del remero jefe para dirigir el movimiento de los remos).

f. Conjunto de gente soez.

f. Muchedumbre de gente vulgar.

f. Conjunto de los galeotes que servían en las galeras reales.

f. Am. Conjunto de indios que, viviendo en comunidad, no eran guerreros, o sea mujeres, niños y viejos considerados en conjunto.

f. Despect. Arg. Persona chismosa y entrometida.

f. Despect. Coloq. Cuba. Persona de modales groseros y comportamiento vulgar.

But then notification than in Argentina the hatchet is supplied as synonim that nosey or gossip or meddler. And also in Cuba means a lowlife person.

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All the above is totally true. - pacofinkler, MAR 10, 2011

Well, I understand one used to define Argentinians, however it"s sort of chusma itself. I"ll pm it to you for safety purposes. Jeje...

I uncovered one much less severe... Lol... And it"s an Argentinian word for this reason she"ll it is in impressed you know it. "boluda" i beg your pardon is choose idiot or jerk, but the cool point is, that specifically says on the web, it"s commonly used come joke approximately with friends.

You could even gain a kick out of this...

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Awwwwww! c'mon phone call me likewise DJ! - pacofinkler, MAR 10, 2011
I'll afternoon you too, lol, i don't desire to acquire flagged. Jaja - DJ_Huero, MAR 10, 2011
I work-related with a range of cultures at my task in case your curious wherein I come up with all this. I'm not a "chusma". ;-P - DJ_Huero, MAR 10, 2011
Boludo(a) is undoubtedly a an excellent retort for an Argentinian in this case. Please don't try it with people from other cultures, though! - Gekkosan, MAR 10, 2011
The cartoon might be taken as offensive by some, for this reason it should be clarified that it dram on a long-standing rivalry betwen Brazilians and Argentinians. Obviously this one is a Brazilian destruction agains the Argentinians. No nice though!! - Gekkosan, MAR 10, 2011
Does it have actually a definition in various other cultures? i was told it's in Argentinian word. Pm me if necessary Gekko. =) - DJ_Huero, MAR 10, 2011

Dakie has it for "nosey" "chismear"

But currently take you yourself to DRAE and also check the end "chusma" and also you will discover a completely different meaning. Not very pretty really.Keep in mind the so plenty of of these have the right to be taken lightheartedly among friends.

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Lets hope she wasn"t cuban. This is from the "Urban Dictionary" so i don"t know exactly how correct the is.

Originates indigenous Cuban Spanish. Describes a "lowlife", a cheazy (cheap & sleazy) person, someone with small or no class who regularly dresses the part, as well - making use of big, gaudy, too many showy clothing & accessories."Mira a ese reloj chillon que lleva Cuco. Y mira como habla con boca grande y con tanta vulgaridad. Que gente mas chusma!"

"Look at that big, gaudy watch chocolate wears. And look at how he goes approximately talking all large and with such vulgarity. What a lowlife!"chusma maleducado(a) lowlife cheasy cheazy ghetto


Vulgar native in the "Cuban" spanish Language.Eres una chusma.

Meaning...you"re a wh**e,sl*t,etc.

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I have a Cuban friend I occupational with (she's sitting next to me), and also confirms this. It is no a negative word however, it's just insulting to contact someone that. =) - DJ_Huero, MAR 10, 2011

If she didn"t median to speak that, climate I have actually two ideas:

1.- She did median to to speak chismoso (gossip) for looking in ~ the screen.

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2.-Sometimes civilization yell in ~ the dog meaningless and sometimes non-existent words favor that trying to say "go away".

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I agree with Luzbonita, and i"ll take it a step further by saying, you can probably even think about it a synonym come Metiche. Metiche means "nosey". Hope the helps.

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Nice, anyone recognize any an imaginative insults I deserve to say back to her? She is tiny and Argentinean if the helps! Nothing too mean!

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Aha! revenge eh! better an Argentine answer the one! - pacofinkler, MAR 10, 2011