1. To stand for as worthy of notice, regard, or kindness; come speak in favor of; to recommend.

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I commend to you Phebe ours sister. Rom. 16.

2. To commit; to entrust or offer in charge.

Father, right into hy hands ns commend mine spirit. Luke 23.

3. To praise; to point out with approbation.

The princes commended Sarai before Pharaoh. The mr commended the unjust steward.

4. To make acceptable or much more acceptable.

But meat commendeth united state not come God. 1 Cor. 8.

5. To develop or existing to favorable notice.

The chorus had an chance of commending their voices come the king.

6. To send or be affected by each other to.

These attract the chariot i m sorry Latinus sends,

And the rich present to the prince commends.


COMMENDABLE, a. That may be commended or praised; worthy of approbation or praise; laudable.

Order and also decent ceremonies in the church are commendable.


COMMENDABLENESS, n. State of gift commendable.


COMMENDABLY, adv. Laudably; in a praise-worthy manner.



1. The act of commending; praise; favorable depiction in words; explanation of esteem.

Need we, as some other, letters of commendation. 2 Cor. 31.

2. Ground of esteem, approbation or praise; the which presents a human being or point to an additional in a favorable light, and renders worthy of regard, or acceptance.

Good-nature is the most godlike commendation the a man.

3. Service; respects; blog post of love.


COMMENDED, pp. Praised; stood for favorably; committed in charge.


COMMENDER, n. One who commends or praises.


COMMENDING, ppr. Praising; representing favorably; committing, or transporting in charge.

Note: In imitation the the French, we space accustomed to usage recommendation, &c., because that commendation. Yet in many instances, that is better to use the word without the prefix re. A letter that commendation, is the preferable phrase.

meanings from Webster"s American dictionary of the English Language, 1828.

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