friend cannot hear to the pronunciation of ding since your internet browser does not assistance the audio element.
Note: This Chinese character can additionally be pronounce zhēng. However, v a various pronunciation, the meaning of the character will change as well (not yet available in this

population"Why space some translations grayed out?"Grayed-out state are definitions of the personality which cannot be provided as translations. For example, 必 (bì) has the definition must / to have to. However, the Chinese translation because that "must" is not 必 (bì) but 必须 (bìxū).

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Chinese character
and also stroke order animation"How execute I create 丁 ( dīng ) correctly?"The strokes that all Chinese characters are created of are to be composed in a specific order which has originally been identified by Chinese calligraphy. Writing all characters according to the same rules assures the their to plan shape and style are normally preserved also if composed by various writers.This shows girlfriend the correct stroke order as an computer animation for all personalities so you can learn and understand how to compose the personality correctly. :

The timeless Chinese characters of dīng space identical
v the contemporary (simplified) characters displayed above.
Chinese Pinyin example sentence with 丁 ( ding / dīng ) Writing in PinyinBefore making use of this Pinyin example sentence, consider that Chinese characters should always be your an initial choice in created communication. If you cannot use Chinese characters, it is preferable to usage the Pinyin through tones. Only use the Pinyin without tones if there"s no other option (e.g. Creating a text article from/to a mobile phone the doesn"t assistance special characters such together ā, í, ŏ, ù).

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丁 is written of 2 strokes and therefore is of incredibly low complexity compared to the various other simplified Chinese personalities (average: 13.1 strokes).
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