Candle flame definitions are all around the method the flame burns. The flame becomes the transformative element to assist in manifesting your intent. The types of fire have traditional meanings the indicate just how successful you are.

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Learning exactly how to interpret Candle fire Meanings

most candle definitions come from old cultures and also practices, such as the Romans, Babylonians, Greeks, and Celts. End the centuries, various religions, such as Hoodoo rootwork espoused and added to the candle divination meanings. In fact, plenty of of the candle flame definitions were embraced and included into many practices, consisting of Wicca.

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fancy Flames

not all burn the exact same colors. Sometimes, the flame deserve to be blue, red or yellow.


Blue Candle Flame

follow to Grove and also Grotto"s The Candle indicators Dictionary, a blue fire symbolizes the visibility of a spirit. This can be an angel, fairy or other highly advanced spiritual entity.

Red or Yellow Flame

Grove and Grotto states when a flame burns red or yellow that mundane energy, no spiritual, is fueling the burn and also can likewise be powerful.

Tall strong Flame

This flame bodes well for candle magic or spells. The is solid enough to push through any type of obstacles and also tall sufficient to reach the elevation of goals and intentions.


dance Flame

Grove and Gotto recommend that a sporadically burn flame the dances around is indicative of a order that has actually the strength to work, however not without possible problems. The interpretation counts on other factors, such as the flame being tall or short. It could mean resistance; the greater the fire jumps, the better the resistance, follow to Spiritualists at initial Botanica.


Flickering Flame

Some believe that a flickering candle flame is announcing the arrival of a spirit. One more traditional an interpretation is the strong, nearly raw emotions room involved and can result in arguments. In A tiny Book that Candle Magic, author DJ Conway explains that a flickering or sputtering candle"s communications can be construed by the four compass points.

North: If the flame flickers toward the north, it"s said to it is in an indication the the reason is a physics one, no from a spirit. East: A flame flickering toward the eastern indicates the mental part of her spell is working. South: The bending the the flame toward the southern demonstrates a great deal that physical power surrounds your intent. West: as soon as the candle flame tilts to the west, that reveals the depth and energy the very strong emotions that are component of the assignment work.

Sputtering and also Crackling Flame

Conway likewise writes that that a flame the sputters and also crackles deserve to indicate a type of communication. The strongness of both identify the messaging. According to crackling and frequent sputtering advises of arguments.

opposing Forces

A loud and consistent sputtering flame may indicate that who or other pressures oppose you. You deserve to light additional to provide greater energy. If the sputtering continues, it"s best to finish your work and shot another time.

Popping Flame

A flame the produces a popping sound is thought about another type of an unfavorable communication. The form of communication is identified by the factor you"re burning the candle and what that represents. Because that example, if you"re conducting a protection spell, many believe the popping sound way someone with negative intentions towards you is talking around you or planning something against you or plan to injury you.

double Flames

In Coventry Magic v, Oils, and also Herbs, author Jacki smith discusses the burn with an ext than one flame. As well as the natural physical causes, Smith states that the timeless interpretation of two flames burn from one wick entails two energies or power that is reduced in half.

2 Energies at Work

The most common interpretation for twin flames is the visibility of two energies that space either working together or in the contrary of every other. This is established by the sort of spell gift worked, such as a security spell or a hexing spell. The previous would show the targeted human being is mirroring the hexing magic back to the assignment worker, if the last would be a authorize that the two have actually joined forces in the positive intent that protection.

fire Self-Extinguishes

follow to Candle Magic because that Beginners: The most basic Magic You have the right to Do by Richard Webster, once a fire self-extinguishes, the puts an end to your work. This can also mean your prayer or order was received by the soul world. It have the right to indicate that your spell is protest by either the soul realm or an individual.


low Flame

Grove and Grotto state that a low flame doesn"t have the energy to press the intent into completion. If a short flame is steady, you"re gift reminded to be diligent and expect a an excellent result. If the fire weakens, the assignment won"t work. If it gradually begins to prosper taller and stronger, the power to carry your spell come fruition has been released.

brief Weak Flame

Webster writes the a weak fire will develop weak results. The time simply isn"t right. It also can show the spell is wrong, especially if the flickers. It might mean the your timing is off, or your spell needs much more work before it can be powerful enough to finish your intent. Regardless of the reason, a brief weak flame method there isn"t enough energy to lug your intent right into reality. Jacki blacksmith advises the flame must be extinguished. Girlfriend can shot to strengthen her spell one more time.

stable Flame

Conway states this kind of burn is considered a positive indication the candle is doing its job. There are solid supportive energies behind the intent.

quick Burning Candle

There space two different species of quick burning Each has actually a specific an interpretation that can assist you to evaluate the success of your spellwork.

Uneven fast Burning Candle

A candle that burns unevenly, with one side melt down much faster than the other indicates your order wasn"t effectively grounded before you actors it. You"ll need to actors the spell another time. If on your second try, the candle once an ext burns fast and unevenly, stop your work and try your spell in ~ a later time.

also Fast burn Candle

A candle the burns faster than normal yet is an also burn have the right to be a good omen as lengthy as the candle doesn"t have any kind of other unusual attributes, such together sputtering or popping. When a candle appears to burn out of control, it have the right to be a symptom the something within your work-related isn"t correct. You must stop and repeat your spellwork, payment close fist to each step to for sure it"s correct. If your 2nd attempt outcomes in the candle burning evenly yet fast, think about the order successful.

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Candle Flames and Interpreting Meanings

over there are traditional standard interpretations for most candle flame behaviors. You can use this to translate if your will for light the candle has actually been successful.

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