What walk the surname Mikasa mean? What is the an interpretation of the surname Mikasa?

Meaning the Mikasa: name Mikasa in the Japanese origin, method A Nara native that way three hats that Bamboo. Also way 'to resolve'. Name Mikasa is that Japanese origin and is a Girl name. Civilization with surname Mikasa space usually Judaism through religion.

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A Nara native that means three hats the Bamboo. Also method 'to resolve'
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Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology) - 9

Baby surname Mikasa Numerology: name Mikasa has a number value of 9 together per Pythagorean Numerology (Western Numerology), that is advised the you also calculate 'number value' of name by entering full name in our surname Numerology Calculator.

Popular names also beginning through 'M'
MikasaA Nara indigenous that way three hats of Bamboo. Also way 'to resolve'Girl
MendyThe psychological result of perception and also learning and reassoning.Boy
ManshiWoman; strong Minded Lady; A Feminine kind of ManuGirl
MonaliThe one who need to be admired, adorableGirl
MagarAn American name meaning AttendantBoy

Related name or comparable Names
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Explore name with definition similar to baby surname Mikasa: A Nara native that means three hats the Bamboo. Also way 'to resolve'Musaazi, Mahakusa, Maccus, Mahayasas, Mahakosa, Mojcej, Mukesa, Machiko, Maksika, Musika, Mahakasi

Need a Sibling name for Mikasa?

Use ours Sibling name generator come find matching brother and sister names (boy or girl names) because that the baby surname Mikasa. Below is a perform of Sibling names the go with Mikasa

Common sibling names for MikasaSISTERS: Sibling sister names because that Mikasa

Madhukasa, Kasa, Mika, Mikaela, Mikaelah, Mikah, Mikaila, Mikaili, Mikal, Mikala, Mikalyn

BROTHERS: Sibling brothers names for Mikasa

Bikasa, Mikaere, Mikk, Miksa, Mpasa, Nikasa, Vikasa, Masa, Miika, Mik, Mika'il

Famous civilization with name MikasaPrincess Tomohito of Mikasa

Princess Tomohito that Mikasa (寛仁親王妃信子, Tomohito Shinnōhi Nobuko) (born Nobuko Asō (麻生信子, Asō Nobuko); 9 April 1955) is a member the the Japanese Imperial household as the widow of Prince Tomohito that Mikasa.

Yuriko, Princess Mikasa

Yuriko, Princess Mikasa (崇仁親王妃百合子, Takahito Shinnōhi Yuriko) (born Yuriko Takagi (高木百合子, Takagi Yuriko); 4 June 1923), is a member of the Imperial residence of Japan together the widow of Takahito, Prince Mikasa, the 4th son the Emperor Taishō and Empress Teimei.

Princess Akiko that Mikasa

Princess Akiko the Mikasa (彬子女王, Akiko Joō, born 20 December 1981) is a member that the Imperial residence of Japan and the elder daughter of Prince Tomohito that Mikasa and Princess Tomohito the Mikasa (Nobuko).

Princess Yōko the Mikasa

Princess Yōko that Mikasa (瑶子女王, Yōko Joō, born 25 October 1983) is a member of the Imperial home of Japan and the 2nd daughter that Prince Tomohito of Mikasa and also Princess Tomohito that Mikasa (Nobuko).

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