What walk Roselyn mean?


▲ as a girls" surname is that Old German origin, and the definition of the surname Roselyn is "gentle horse". Roselyn is a variant kind of Rosalind (Old German).STARTS/ENDS with Rose-, -lyn

ASSOCIATED through gentle


VARIANTS Roslynne, Roslynn, Roslyn, Roselinn, Roseline, Roselin

RELATIONS VIA ROSALIND Rosaleen, Rosalen, Rosalin, Rosalina▲, Rosaline, Rosalinn, Rosalyn▲, Rosalynd, Rosalynda, Rosalynn, Roselina, Roselind, Roselinda, Roselinde, Roselynda, Roselynde, Rozalin, Rozalynn, Rozelin, Rozelind, Rozelyn, Rozelynda

CREATIVE FORMS(female) (male) center NAME PAIRINGSRoselyn Cara (R.C.), ..

How renowned is Roselyn?

Roselyn is a very prominent very first name for females (#1398 out of 4276, top 33%) yet an unusual last name for every people. (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Roselyn entered the perform in 1900-1909 and also reached its greatest position the #612 in the U.S. In 2004, and is in ~ #649 presently. (TOP baby NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Rosalina (#1126 FROM current DATA), Rosalind (#1258), Rosaline, Rosalyn (#868), Rosalynn (#1503), Roseline and also Roslyn (#1357) space the renowned related develops of Roselyn (#649). Other variants, favor Roslynne, are hardly ever used. These forms of Roselyn were favored by parents now (USAGE the 0.1%). Rosalina, Rosalyn and also Roselyn space three of the an ext contemporarily stylish infant names amongst these.

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Similar Names

Roselyn▲ is alike in pronunciation come Roselaine, Roselynn, Rozlyn and Rozlynn. Other recommended sound-alike names room Aislyn, Angelyn, Ashlyn▼, Ayslyn, Breelyn, Caelyn▼, Catelyn, Cecelyn, Daelyn, Delyn, Emmelyn, Evelyn, Jeslyn, Jesselyn, Jocelyn, Joclyn, Joellyn, Jonalyn, Josalyn, Joscelyn, Joselyn▼, Joselyne, Josilyn, Joslyn, Josselyn▼, Josslyn▼, Joycelyn, Jozlyn, Karelyn, Katelyn▼, Kayelyn, Keelyn, Loralyn, Marelyn, Pamelyn, Raelyn▲, Robyn▼, Roelene, Romelia, Romelle, Ronelle, Rosal, Rosalba, Rosaley, Rosalia, Rosalyne, Rosay, Rose▼, Roseann▼, Roseanne, Rosee, Roseellen (see Rose), Roselia, Rosella▼, Roselle, Rosellen, Rosena, Rosenah (see Rose), Rosene, Rosey, Roshan, Roshawn, Rosheen, Rowen▲, Roxey, Royalyn, Rozalyn, Rozalyne, Rozely (see Rosalie), Suelyn and also Terelyn. This names have tendency to it is in less frequently used than Roselyn.