Snowballing, as sexologist E. Michelle cutting board explains, is basically the action of swapping semen from one person"s mouth come another, to the point where choose a continual snowball, every swap in between partners rises the size of the semen shoot (or ball) as soon as it mixes v extra saliva. Instead of roll a growing ball of eye on the ground, you"re passing a cultivation semen-saliva mixture.

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Porn star Kayden Kross previously defined that the ax "snowballing" is regularly used interchangeably v "cum swapping." However, "snowballing" usually implies the involvement of the original person who ejaculated into their partner"s mouth. The ax "cum swapping" is an ext general and also could apply to human being sharing a semen-saliva mixture that neither of them initially ejaculated. So, as an example, if girlfriend swapped semen-saliva with the partner offering the semen, that"s snowballing. Swapping the mixture with one more person (like in a threesome capacity, wherein the ejaculator is not participating in the swap) would certainly be dubbed cum swapping.

The podcast host and also sex columnist Dan Savage, referred to the mixture that fluids together "pud" in a shaft from 1999.

The brand-new Partridge thesaurus of American Slang notes the the ax is that US beginning dating earlier to 1972, and also was very first used specifically by gay men. In the Handbook the Psychology and also Sexual Orientation, researchers discovered when studying gay males that: "Semen can carry symbolic meaning (and hence symbolic power) for some men, representing (1) successful completion of sex-related behavior, and also (2) sex-related power, virility, strength, and also masculinity.)"

Snowballing is a human being thing, but certain animals likewise engage in a similar snowballing-like act. In Carmen Cusack"s Animals, Deviance, and also Sex, Cusack writes about how male cichlid fish need to blow sperm into a female"s mouth (where she will be holding she eggs in she mouth) in order to reproduce. However, Cusack describes that since the finish goal for the fish is reproduction, it"s no the exact same thing as snowballing, the human being kink, i beg your pardon is "considered deviant regardless of insemination and also conception."


How To:

Before Snowballing:

Before you also talk around snowballing, Thomas claims you wanna make certain all consenting parties have actually been tested and cleared of any kind of STIs prior to introducing snowballing, including "It"s every fun and games till it isn"t," — when you"re playing with bodily fluids choose semen and saliva, security is number one.

As because that the mandatory consent convo, for sure your companion is open up to the idea that this, cutting board says. "Some people are totally okay with providing the semen, yet definitely don"t want to it is in on the receiving end of your own," cutting board adds.

If you need a smooth method to introduce the topic come your companion in a low-stakes environment, cutting board recommends playing "Truth or dare — No Consequences" which allows people to open up the convo about sexploration in a fun and also daring way that likewise won"t placed anyone ~ above the spot. To play, Thomas says the people participating in the game agree the "whatever is shared during the video game cannot be used against one an additional later and also nothing is off the table as it relates to your wants and also desires."

Once you"re every onboard with the consent convo and also are ready to actually snowball, you"ll wanna make sure both of girlfriend drink lots of water, get rid of fish, alcohol, and also smoking from your diet, cutting board adds. As a bonus, you can also increase your consumption of fruits, cutting board says. The idea below is to make the yes, really tasting experience of the semen as pleasant as possible — hydrating, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and also cutting out smoking and also alcohol will assist with all this.

When Snowballing:

A nice method to lead into snowballing is to try giving your partner a blow job and also having them finish in her mouth.

As a warm up to check the waters, you have the right to start with simply an open-mouthed kiss article blow job, and then job-related your way up come swapping so friend don"t have to go indigenous 0–100 suddenly. Since fifty percent the material of snowballing is saliva anyways, you can do a dry-run sans semen if you desire to it is in even more cautious at first.

If everyone is quiet on board, kiss your companion and try passing the semen back and soon in every of her mouths. Watch how large it deserve to get, climate spit or swallow the entirety thing. Taster"s choice!


Felching: once a guy ejaculates into someone"s anus, and then sucks the ejaculate out through their mouth.

Creampie Eating: when a man ejaculates into a woman"s vagina, and then sucks the ejaculate out with his mouth.


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Snowballing in renowned Culture:

In Kevin Smith"s 1994 film, Clerks, a personality is nicknamed "Snowball" because he gets turn off on the act.

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In the 1998 film Stepmom, Julia Roberts" character tells her stepdaughter"s character to insult a bully by suggesting he "doesn"t also know what snowblowing is." when snowblowing is not the same as snowballing, it"s close enough that part fans have actually speculated regarding whether or not Roberts" character was referring come Clerks when she defined to her stepdaughter the snowballing was "an exceptionally disgusting, and also not remotely sexy point that they defined in a movie I"d never ever let you walk to." likewise of note, the manuscript for Stepmom actually offers the term "snowballing", although in the listed below clip, Roberts says "snowblowing".

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