"Very well; ns hope you feel the contents you express: at any rate, your great sense will tell you that it is too soon yet to productivity to the vacillating fear of Lot"s wife. What you had actually left before I saw you, of course I do not know; however I counsel you to stand up to firmly every temptation which would certainly incline you come look back: seek your current career steadily, for part months at least."

"It is what I median to do," i answered. St. John continued —

"It is tough work to manage the operations of inclination and turn the bend of nature; however that it may be done, I know from experience. God has provided us, in a measure, the power to make our own fate; and also when our energies it seems to be ~ to demand a sustenance lock cannot get — as soon as our will strains after a path we might not monitor — we need neither starve native inanition, nor stand still in despair: we have yet to seek one more nourishment for the mind, as solid as the forbidden food that longed to taste — and also perhaps purer; and to hew the end for the adventurous foot a roadway as direct and broad as the one Fortune has blocked up against us, if rougher 보다 it.

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"A year earlier I was myself strongly miserable, since I assumed I had made a mistake in start the ministry: its uniform duties wearied me to death. I scorched for the much more active life of the human being — because that the an ext exciting toils that a literary career — because that the destiny of one artist, author, orator; anything fairly than the of a priest: yes, the love of a politician, the a soldier, the a votary that glory, a lover that renown, a luster after ~ power, win under my curate"s surplice. I considered; my life was so wretched, it need to be changed, or I must die. After ~ a season of darkness and struggling, light broke and relief fell: mine cramped existence overall spread the end to a plain without limit — my powers heard a speak to from sky to rise, conference their complete strength, spread their wings, and mount past ken. God had actually an errand because that me; to bear i m sorry afar, to deliver it well, skill and also strength, courage and also eloquence, the best qualifications that soldier, statesman, and orator, were all needed: because that these all centre in the good missionary.

"A missionary I solved to be. Native that minute my state of psychic changed; the fetters dissolved and also dropped native every faculty, leave nothing the bondage however its galling soreness — i m sorry time only have the right to heal. My father, indeed, imposed the determination, but since his death, I have not a legit obstacle to complete with; some affairs settled, a follower for Morton provided, an entanglement or 2 of the feelings damaged through or reduced asunder — a last problem with person weakness, in i beg your pardon I recognize I shall overcome, due to the fact that I have actually vowed that i will get over — and I leave Europe for the East."

He said this, in his peculiar, subdued, yet emphatic voice; looking, when he had actually ceased speaking, not at me, yet at the setting sun, at which ns looked too. Both he and I had our backs in the direction of the course leading up the field to the wicket. We had actually heard no step on the grass-grown track; the water to run in the vale was the one lulling sound of the hour and also scene; we might well then start as soon as a gay voice, sweet as a silver- bell, exclaimed —

"Good evening, Mr. Rivers. And great evening, old Carlo. Your dog is quicker to recognise his friends 보다 you are, sir; he pricked his ears and also wagged his tail when I was at the bottom that the field, and also you have your ago towards me now."

It to be true. Though Mr. Rivers had started in ~ the first of those music accents, as if a thunderbolt had break-up a cloud over his head, the stood yet, at the close of the sentence, in the same mindset in i m sorry the speaker had surprised the — his arm resting on the gate, his face directed towards the west. He turned in ~ last, with measured deliberation. A vision, together it appeared to me, had actually risen in ~ his side. There appeared, within 3 feet the him, a kind clad in pure white — a youthful, graceful form: full, however fine in contour; and when, ~ bending come caress Carlo, that lifted up its head, and also threw ago a long veil, over there bloomed under his glance a confront of perfect beauty. Perfect beauty is a strong expression; but I execute not retrace or qualified it: together sweet features as ever the warm clime that Albion moulded; as pure hues the rose and also lily as ever before her humid gales and vapoury skies generated and screened, justified, in this instance, the term. No charm to be wanting, no defect to be perceptible; the young girl had actually regular and delicate lineaments; eye shaped and coloured together we check out them in lovely pictures, large, and dark, and full; the long and also shadowy eyelash i beg your pardon encircles a well eye through so soft a fascination; the pencilled brow which offers such clearness; the white smooth forehead, which adds together repose come the livelier beauties of tint and also ray; the cheek oval, fresh, and smooth; the lips, fresh too, ruddy, healthy, sweetly formed; the even and also gleaming this without flaw; the tiny dimpled chin; the ornament of rich, plenteous tresses — every advantages, in short, which, combined, realise the right of beauty, were totally hers. I wondered, together I looked at this same creature: i admired her v my totality heart. Nature had actually surely developed her in a partial mood; and, forgetting her usual stinted step-mother dole of gifts, had actually endowed this, she darling, with a grand-dame"s bounty.

What walk St. Man Rivers think of this earthly angel? I naturally asked myself that concern as I witnessed him revolve to her and also look at her; and, as naturally, ns sought the answer to the inspection in his countenance. That had currently withdrawn his eye indigenous the Peri, and was looking at a humble tuft of daisies which flourished by the wicket.

"A lovely evening, but late for you to be the end alone," he said, together he crushed the snowy heads of the close up door flowers with his foot.

"Oh, I just came house from S-" (she pointed out the surname of a huge town some twenty miles distant) "this afternoon. Papa called me you had actually opened her school, and that the brand-new mistress to be come; and so I put on my bonnet after ~ tea, and also ran increase the sink to watch her: this is she?" pointing to me.

"It is," said St. John.

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"Do friend think you shall choose Morton?" she inquiry of me, with a direct and naive simplicity of tone and manner, pleasing, if child-like.