Sarah Jessica Parker starred in the 1983 movie “Somewhere Tomorrow,” i m sorry at time is lost in her resume. ( Jordan Strauss/Invision)


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Q: Whenever i read about Sarah Jessica Parker"s movie career, ns wonder why the movie “Somewhere Tomorrow” is never ever mentioned. She starred in it, perhaps in the early "80s, through a young gibbs by the surname of Tom Shea. Execute you recognize why it is never mentioned?

A: ns don"t know around “never.” her biography top top the Turner standard Movies website, for one, says, “In 1983, Parker took the lead as a teenager coping with the death of her mother in the emotionally wrenching ‘Somewhere Tomorrow," which brought about her casting as bookish beanpole Patty Greene on the above-average sitcom ‘Square Pegs" (CBS, 1982-83).” The film has discovered its method to DVD, in legal and bootleg form. However Parker"s career that has lasted much more than 40 years and has contained some renowned productions, so very early work is much less likely to stand the end when human being revisit her resume.

Q: I offered to reap watching Robert Irvine try to save failing restaurants in “Restaurant: Impossible.” yet I haven"t viewed any brand-new shows ~ above the Food Network in a lengthy time. What happened?

A: The collection ended its long run ~ above the Food Network in 2016, roughly the time Irvine announced plans to execute a syndicated collection described together a “daytime conflict resolution talker.” You can read an ext about that task at

Q: will we see any an ext episodes the “The Durrells in Corfu”? It to be truly enchanting!

A: also known as “The Durrells,” the series inspired by author Gerald Durrell"s memoirs has actually led come a second season and also plans for a third. The 2nd season starts overseas telecasts top top April 23, but it"s no clear as soon as it will land top top U.S. TV.

Q: room there DVDs that the old TV show “Baa Baa black Sheep” v Robert Conrad?

A: The world War II drama with Conrad playing real-life combat veteran Gregory “Pappy” Boyington ran for three seasons on NBC indigenous 1976 to 1978, through the title changed to “Black lamb Squadron” for what verified to it is in the last season. Over there was also a two-hour pilot. Several years ago, the pilot and the very first season"s episodes to be released in two DVD sets. The final season has also been released. And also the first season will be reissued in a new DVD set in June.

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And currently let"s solve one more viewing mystery.

Q: i am 58. As soon as I was 7, 8 or 9 there was a display on network tv — at least I think it was a show, it can have to be a movie — dubbed “The Immortals” or miscellaneous similar. There were three key characters, 2 men and a woman. Each had a “super” power, such as telepathy. I have looked and also searched, but I couldn"t find anything about this. That would have to have been on between "64 and also "68, I"m guessing. Do you know anything about it?

A: i found, and you verified, that the show was “The Champions,” a collection that aired ~ above NBC in 1968. According to “The Complete brochure to element Time Network and also Cable TV Shows,” it affiliated “three international crime fighters v special ‘powers" … provided to lock by members of one unknown race from a lost world deep in the wastelands of Tibet.” The cast included Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo and also William Gaunt, and, yes, that"s the Stuart Damon native “General Hospital.”

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