Switching out incandescent irradiate bulbs because that LED bulbs is a good way to cut down on your monthly power bills. Yet if you usage dimmers in her home, you’re most likely wondering: Do LED lights job-related on a dimmer?

Well, the price depends: Yes, LED lights work-related on a dimmer when:

You have actually “dimmable” LED light bulbsYou use an LED compatible dimmer

Not sure where come start as soon as it involves identifying the devices you currently have? nothing worry. We’ll walk you through some easy-to-follow measures that will ensure you get the dimming effect you want through the energy-efficient bulbs friend need.

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Need a Sarasota electrician to install LED lights with a dimmer it is compatible? Just contact us. We’re right here to help.

Step 1: Make sure you have “dimmable” LED lights

Not all LED lights space designed through dimming capabilities. For this reason the very first thing you’ll desire to carry out is make sure that friend invest in “dimmable” LED lights.

Check the box or product description first to make sure they’re “dimmable” (seen below).


So what wake up if you use non-dimmable LEDs on a dimmer? Well, at finest the bulb simply won’t dim properly. In ~ worst, though, you could damage the bulb.

You see, dimmable LEDs have special circuitry inside that permits them come respond come varying current levels or “pulsing” present waves to produce a dimming effect. But non-dimmable LEDs are just designed to it is in either fully powered on or OFF, which means the circuitry within won’t be able to handle short or pulsing current levels and also will eventually end up being damaged.

Step 2: uncover out if you have an LED compatible dimmer

The negative news? It’s difficult to phone call whether her dimmer works with LED bulbs simply by looking in ~ it. You’d have to contact the installer or manufacturer come get an accurate answer.

But, if you currently have a dimmer set up in your residence that originally was making use of incandescent bulbs, you most likely have actually a “leading edge” dimmer that isn’t compatible v LED lights (unless your house was developed in the last 5 year or to be renovated recently).

You see, the 2 most common household dimmers include:

Leading edge dimmers- these dimmers were designed to occupational with glow bulbs and also most likely won’t work well through LED irradiate bulbs. Castle the “traditional” and also most usual dimmer uncovered in homes.Trailing sheet dimmers- these are designed especially to work with LED lights. These dimmers room newer and less usual than leading edge dimmers.

The difference in between these two dimmers all comes down to your wattage range. Friend see, glow bulbs space high-wattage (i.e. They usage a lot of energy) and leading edge dimmers are designed to job-related with high-wattage loads. The downside is that LED bulbs are exceptionally low-wattage (they usage up very little energy), which method leading leaf dimmers can’t review or manage their circuitry an extremely well.

Trailing edge dimmers, on the other hand, have actually a much lower wattage selection and deserve to read and control LED bulbs easily and effectively.

Don’t have an LED compatible dimmer? this is what come do…

If you have a leading edge dimmer the doesn’t job-related with LED bulbs, you’ll want to call a professional about installing a trailing edge dimmer.

The cost for installing a rolling edge dimmer usually varieties from $60 to $200 depending on the contractor girlfriend hire and also ease the the installation.

While part homeowners room handy sufficient to download a brand-new dimmer move themselves, we indicate letting one electrician take care of the job. This ensures that:

You’re installing a dimmer move that’s truly LED compatibleThe job is excellent correctly and safely

Need assist from a Sarasota electrician?

We deserve to help. Just contact us and also we’ll send the end an electrician who can inspect your current dimmer setup, make skilled suggestions and also install the correct equipment.

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