At $8.14 each your 1954 Franklin fifty percent dollar worth is directly tied come its silver- worth. Hefty with silver- this is its minimum bullion value. Collectible status is determined through a step-by-step process.

Collector value enters the snapshot in the "mint state" grade. That is these high quality coins that space in demand by collectors. Higher grade instances are recognized by comparing to images.


Steps leading to Value:

Step 1: Date and also Mintmark range - Vintage silver half dollars are identified and valued by date and mint variety. Check your fifty percent dollar variety.

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Step 2: Grading condition - Bullion problem is the usual 1954 half dollar. Grading using comparisons and also description is vital step.Step 3: Special characteristics - The mountain Francisco mint color etc the fist of collectors in 1954, by ending its production.

Use the wholesale value chart over as a guide to small a variety to just how much these old half dollars room worth.

Three measures are outlined below leading an accurate judgment of your coin.

Step 1: | confirm Date and Mintmark Varieties

Important selection of 1954 half Dollar to Recognize

Three mints an unified to create over 43 million 1954 half dollars. Philadelphia, the main mint, Denver, and the mountain Francisco mint operated hard to supply fifty percent dollars. Number struck through the different mints varied substantially with mountain Francisco the the very least in coinage.

To recognize their coins the branch mints Denver and also San Francisco provided mintmarks inserted on the reverse. This issues along with Philadelphia are represented on the value chart.

Each mint selection of 1954 is gathered as component of complete set of Franklin half dollars. Describe the pictures to situate each mintmark.

1954-S Franklin fifty percent Dollar

"S" Mintmark ~ above Reverse: san Francisco Mint win the Coin


1954 came to be the last year the san Francisco mint produced Franklin half dollars. Finishing that minting that the series with 4.9 million pieces struck, these room a historic "last of" issue.

Supplies of worn instances are plentiful valued based upon silver content. Greater condition instances are sought as collectibles; coins with really light undertake or nicer. Date and also mint collection collectors are always searching because that well detailed eye appealing san Francisco fifty percent dollars.

San Francisco minted coins are detailed by one "S" mintmark ~ above the reverse. A tiny "S" mark over the beam and between the straps was put on every Franklins halves win by the san Francisco mint. An accurate description the a coin consists of both date and also mint that issue.

1954-D Franklin fifty percent Dollar

"D" Mintmark ~ above Reverse: Denver Mint to win the Coin


Denver, the branch mint offering the central U.S. Added a large portion the the complete Franklin halves developed in 1954. Striking and placing into circulation end 25.4 million half dollars

An abundant variety today, most in circulated, worn condition move up and also down in value adhering to the price that silver. Recognize a nice 1954 Denver half, those with tiny to no wear ~ above the surface ar is the challenge collectors pursue.

A "D" mintmark identifying the Denver mint is located on the reverse. Just under E in says the tiny "D" was placed on the Denver mint coinage.

1954 Franklin fifty percent Dollar

No Mintmark top top Reverse: Philadelphia Mint to win the Coin


Adding come a huge production year because that Franklin halves, the Philadelphia mint struck simply over 13 million half dollars in 1954.

The price that silver creates a strong intrinsic value to these 90% silver- coins. Coins with visible wear to the surface trade ~ above the silver content value. Collectors seeking the high-end condition pieces location premiums ~ above eye appealing examples.

Identify Philadelphia coinage by the absence of a mintmark. Philadelphia go not ar mintmarks top top its manufacturing in the 1950"s. The area reserved for mintmarks above the beam is empty, confirming the Philadelphia mint win the coin.

Step 2: | Judge condition to identify Premium Grade

Recognize little Details come 1954 Franklin half Dollar Value

Grading is evaluate the surface ar of the coin, its preservation, and also evidence that wear. Use the images below to compare your coin versus examples that the different grades detect a match.

Take her time, that is quite easy to referee a patent worn coin, yet the distinction is subtle to with the mint state grade.

Mint State Grade

Mint State: A fifty percent dollar without any wear come the surface is defined as "mint state."

An fantastic indicator of this peak grade is the visibility or lack of mint luster. Imparted during the minting procedure its shine and texture quickly wears, becomes smooth and also dull mirroring the results of wear. Progressively rotate her coin under a light, an alert the tape of brightness traveling throughout the surface. This must be complete to qualify as mint state.

Franklin"s chin, cheek, and just over the brow room the highest possible points the the architecture and very first to wear. A dulling that the metal, and also when regarded with magnification as smoothness to the metal shows wear. Take her time to referee if you believe your coin is a candidate because that the mint state grade. Additionally, compare the coin v the "About Uncirculated" grade come spot ethereal differences. That is a feasible candidate because that premium 1954 Franklin fifty percent dollar value.

Extremely good Grade: Wear has actually removed the bulk of mint luster and created little flattened locations on high relief areas of the design. Irradiate wear is the essential factor come the incredibly fine grade.

Franklin halves with a irradiate grey toning overall and crisp remaining detail are eye pleasing. Undertake is also on the coin, Franklin"s eyebrow is bold and also rounded, his cheek and jaw are simply slightly flattened. Tilt the coin ago and forth and also note the edge of the cheek and also jaw remains, the metal is simply smooth and reflective.

Average Circulated Condition: once a 1954 Franklin fifty percent shows prominent wear it is termed "average circulated" condition. Wear has noticeably leveled high areas and also many aspects of the style are merging.

The optimal of Franklin"s head is without any hair detail coming to be an open smooth area. Large waves the hair behind Franklin"s ear are smooth and flat. Originally separate tide of hair flow behind the ear, currently have end up being merged. Notice the consistent flat plane in the wave of hair prolonging from over the ear and also connecting to the shoulder.

Once the crisp and sharp details have worn, a coin falls below the incredibly fine grade and 1954 half dollars space grouped and termed as median circulated condition.

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Mint state grade is the bold splitting line in 1954 Franklin fifty percent dollar value. Video clip and thorough descriptions are advantageous in deciding the grade. Ethereal details are needed to recognize and separate the slightly worn from mint state examples.

Video, Images and Descriptions | Grading Franklin half Dollars

Step 3: | Special features Enhancing Value

Special 1954 san Francisco fifty percent Dollar

There space a few historical facts around the 1954 san Francisco concern Franklin half setting it apart from the series. During its on and off production and also in the early years of the series only, the san Francisco mint created halves as essential to fulfill commerce. Of note to collectors; 1954 ended up being the "Last mountain Francisco Year" in ~ the expectations of the design. Through 1955 all coinage to work at mountain Francisco ceased transforming its attention to assaying metals. Staying years that the Franklin collection - 1955 to 1963 was provided by the Philadelphia and Denver mints.

By the end of the series, total coinage the Franklin fifty percent dollars at san Francisco mint was only a portion of the numbers developed by the Philadelphia and Denver mints. Only 5 years of the sixteen years the the collection are represented by san Francisco coinage. 2 years; 1949-S and also 1952-S Franklins room high premium coins.

With the special features of "Last Year" and historicistically short mintage numbers in ~ the Franklin series, mountain Francisco 1954 fifty percent dollars are a special issue.

Two big markets exist for these coins. Firstly; silver value is a solid base; each is heavy with silver- - 90% by weight. All room worth well over your initial fifty cent challenge value. Additionally, this silver- premium has actually moved higher over the decades since completion that the series.

Second is the collectible market. Through the standing of short mintages and ending of production; san Francisco mint problems are of attention to collectors insuring demand. High condition pieces room attracting pretty premiums including to a strong base silver value.

A one-of-a-kind year, a last of mint issue, and also low mintages room combining to develop special characteristics unique come 1954 san Francisco Franklin fifty percent dollars.


U.S. Mint. 1955 U.S. Mint yearly Report

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