Bovine is a hatchet relating come cattle.

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Caprine is a term relating to goats.Equine is a hatchet relating to horses, mules, zebras, and asses.Herd is a grouping of a single species of livestock. There might be exception to the term’s intake outside that cattle, horses, asses, swine, and also rabbits.Ovine is a hatchet relating to sheep.Porcine is a term relating come swine.

Ass is a single hoofed mammal that the genus Equus, concerned the horses. They generally have a smaller sized build and longer ears.

Ass is the exactly term used for a donkey, burro, or jackstock.Burro is the Spanish term provided for donkey (generally provided west the the Mississippi)A donkey is the domesticated kind of one ass.A hinny is a hybrid animal that is created when a female ass (jennet) is crossed through a male steed (stallion).Horse hinny is the appropriate term because that a male hinny over 3 years that age.Horse mule is the suitable term for a male mule end 3 year of age.Jack is a masculine ass. (Note – young jacks are not referred to as colts)Jackstock is the many referring come American Mammoth jacks and jennets. These pets are properly termed asses and are not referred to as donkeys, and never called burros.Jennet or jenny is a woman ass. (Note – a young jennet or jenny is not described as a filly)Jennet jack a masculine ass offered to create donkeys.John is an informal term for a male mule.Mule is a hybrid animal that is created when a male ass (jack) is crossed through a female equine (mare).Mule colts (males) and mule fillies (females) room young mules under 3 year of age.Mule jack is a male ass provided to produce mules.Mare hinny is the suitable term because that a mrs hinny over three years of age.Mare mule is the ideal term because that a woman mule over three years of age.Molly is an informal term for a mrs mule.

Cattle domesticated mammals of the genus Bos.

Bull is an in-tact masculine bovine.Bull calf is a male calf.Calf is a young bovine. This ax is used from the moment of birth up until around 6 come 10 month of period when the animal is weaned.Cow is a mrs bovine that has had a calf. (This hatchet may likewise be used for various other species)Heifer is a female bovine that has not had a calf.Heifer calf is a woman calf.Steer is a castrated male bovine or can be a future ox the is much less than 4 year old.Ox is castrated bull that has been trained come work and also is at least 4 years of age.Oxen is the many of ox.

Goat the domesticated type of capra hircus.

Buck is a male goat over 1 year the age.Buckling is a young male goat less than a year old.Doe is a woman goat end 1 year that age.Doeling is a young woman goat much less than a year old.Flock is a team of goats. (The term may be supplied in reference to various other livestock.)Kid is a infant goat of either sex.Wether is a castrated male goat (or sheep).

Horse is a domesticated huge single hoofed mammal (Equus caballus) through a short-haired coat, a lengthy mane, and also a lengthy tail provided for riding, pulling, or transferring loads.

Colt is a male horse under 3 year of age.Filly is a female steed under 3 year of age.Foal is a young steed under 1 year that age.Gelding is a castrated masculine horse.Mare is a female equine after her 4th birthday.Stallion is an undamaged male horse.

Rabbit is a mammal the the family Leporidae or the domesticated Old World varieties Oryctolagus cuniculus.

Buck is a male rabbit.Doe is a woman rabbit.Fryer or “young rabbit” is a rabbit the is 2 month old and also weighs 3 ¾ lbs come 4 ½ lbs.Kit is a baby rabbit.Rabbitry is whereby owners store their herd of rabbit in different cages.Stewer or “mature rabbit” is a hare 3 month of period or enlarge averaging 6 pounds or more.Warren is wherein owners save their herd the rabbits together a group in a big cage or enclosure.

Sheep the domesticated species ovis aries.

Ewe is a female lamb at the very least 1 year that age.Ewe lamb is a female sheep under 1 year of age.Flock is a team of sheep. (The term may be offered in referral to various other livestock.)Lamb is a young sheep. When referring to meat, lamb is meat from a lamb that is 12-14 month old or less.Lambkin or lambling is a recently born lamb.Ram is an in-tact male lamb that is at least one year that age.Ram lamb is a male sheep that is under 1 year of age.Sheep is a maturation ovine at the very least one year the age and may likewise refer to the ovine species.Wether is a castrated male lamb (or goat).

Swine are even-toed ungulates of the family Suidae, including pigs, hogs, and also boars.

Barrow is a castrated (before sexual maturity) masculine swine.Boar is an adult male swine.Gilt is a female swine that has actually not given birth.Drove is a group of swine.Feeder pig is a young pig, many often in between 40-70lbs that is developed by one farmer and sold to an additional for growing out to industry weight.Hog is a mature swine with an adult weight above 150 pounds.Lard types that pig were emerged to have large deposits that fat that can be an ext easily butchered from the animal in large chunks. This provides rendering easier and results in less loss of great meat.Market hog is a hog that weighs from 220-260 pounds and also is 5-7 months of period when the is sent to market.Meat types the pig (also well-known as Bacon types) were occurred to have more lean meat v moderate marbling that fat.Pig is a young swine that is no sexually tires or a maturation swine v an adult load under 150 pounds.Piglet or infant pig describes a young pig in its first 14-21 job of life and is quiet nursing.Shoat is a young hog (not sexually mature) that has actually been weaned and is all set for sector weighing 150-260 poundsSow is one adult woman swine.Stag is a castrated (after sex-related maturity) masculine swine.

Poultry are trained birds that are maintained for meat or eggs consisting of birds of the bespeak Galliformes: chicken, turkey, natatorial (swimming) birds: duck and goose.

Flock is a group consisted of of one varieties of poultry.Trio is typically a group of poultry v one male and also two females

Chicken is a typical domestic bird (Gallus domesticus).

Broiler is a meat chicken handle at the age of 7-12 weeks once it get 2 ½ come 3 ½ pounds live weight.Fryer is a meat chicken commonly marketed at 12-20 weeks.Capon are male chicken that have been castrated and they are harvested at 4-8 month old. They weigh 5-9 pounds and also produce an ext white meat and have greater fat content than various other chickens.Chick is a recently hatched or a an extremely young chicken.Cock is a masculine chicken at the very least one year of age or older.Cockerel is a masculine chicken less than one year old.Cornish game hens room a cross in between a Cornish and Plymouth absent chicken (although originally they were pure Cornish), 4-5 mainly old, weighing around 2 pounds. They may be of one of two people sex.Hen is a female chicken at the very least one year that age.Poussin or “spring chicken” is a young chicken, 3-4 mainly old, weighing around 1 pound that is prepared as a single serving.Pullet is a female chicken much less than one year that age. A pullet is, in industry, a young woman that has actually yet to start laying eggsRoasters are chicken that room 6-12 month of age weighing 4-7 pounds.Rooster is a masculine chicken over one year of age.Stewing bird is a mature masculine or woman chicken end one year of age.

Ducks are any kind of wild or domesticated swimming birds of the family Anatidae, typically having a broad, level bill, quick legs, and also webbed feet.

Drake is an adult masculine duck.Duck can describe a mrs of the duck family.Ducklings are baby ducks.Old drake is a male duck over 1 year the age.Old duck is a mrs duck end 1 year that age.Young drake is a male duck under 1 year the age.Young duck is a woman duck under 1 year that age.

Geese are wild or trained water bird of the household Anatidae and also of the genera Anser and Branta that commonly have a much shorter neck than a swan and also a shorter, an ext pointed bill than a duck.

Gander is a masculine goose end 1 year of age. (Also described as old gander.)Goose is the singular the geese or a woman goose.Gosling is a young goose up till feathers have actually replaced all of their down.Old goose is a female goose over 1 year that age.Young gander is a male goose under 1 year of age.Young goose is a mrs goose under 1 year of age.

Turkey is a large North American bird (Meleagris gallopavo) the is widely domesticated for food and also comes in plenty of varieties.

Hen is a mrs turkey over one year of age.Old hen is a woman turkey end one year the age.Old tom is a masculine turkey end 1 year that age.Poult is a young domestic (not wild) turkey.Tom is a masculine turkey.Young hen is a female turkey under 1 year of age.

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Young tom is a masculine turkey under 1 year of age.