Imagine if you might get within an arts collector’s mind

What perform they like? How deserve to I convince them to buy my work?

What’s crucial to understand is that not all collectors buy art for the exact same reason. However, understanding what urges the collector in prior of friend might help get her art out the door.

Whether they connect with the art or the artist, we’ve listed five steps to take rise art sales based on whatfive points that motivatecollectors.

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If they affix emotionally with a item … then show more pieces.

“Most devoted art collectors are world who important love and value the pieces that castle purchase. They want to live v art and also appreciate that on a constant basis,” explains Carolyn Edlund.

When girlfriend come throughout a collector the fits this bill, the next ideal move is to uncover out specifically what has struck a chord, store in touch, and also introduce lock to comparable pieces.

If castle care about social standing … then talk about your showing history.

The much more you can boast about your stellar showing history and previous clients, the more you will certainly impress this type of arts collector. One easy way to store track of your locations, contacts, and much more is with Artwork Archive. Girlfriend won’t need to pull crucial facts off the optimal of her head, and also collectors will certainly be dazzled.


If they excellent the story behind arts … then have actually the details ready.

Uttered um’s and uh’s as soon as asked around your piece won’t execute you any favors. Numerous times, collectors construct an emotional connection to a piece after learning around why and also how it to be created.

Did you take trip abroad to paint in plein air? go you shot a new technique? execute you have your very own emotional attachments to the piece? create down this details together you create. That way, you won’t forget a thing, and also your story is all set to go as soon as this form of collector go up.

If they want to affix with the artist … climate be genuine and tell your story.

Sometimes, an artist’s story is just as vital as the art’s. How did you end up being an artist? just how did you construct your details style? What inspires you? A collector favor this will autumn in love v your artwork once they angry your genuine passion and also expertise.

If they enjoy the art neighborhood … then display at public art events.

Many collectors merely enjoy the hustle and bustle that the art community—meeting up with friends, being seen, and keeping their collecting an abilities fresh. Ours tip? Go where these collectors go! keep an eye the end for upcoming arts fairs and gallery openings so her work deserve to be found.

Why is this knowledge important?

Knowing what encourages collectors can give you an edge once selling your art. And, girlfriend should know that not all collectors space the same. Whether it’s the emotionally attachment or society aspect, your method with each collector have to be simply as different as the factors they collect art.

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Get an ext thoughts and concerns art collectors require to think about in our essential Guide to Collecting Art, accessible to download now.