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YouTube/McDonald"s Canada McDonald"s has actually been shedding newlight on its heavily-criticized food sourcing and also processing practices, as it seeks to recreation lagging sales.In the challenge of growing consumer demand because that transparency, the large Mac chainhas launched marketing projects in the US,Canada, and also Australiato answerconsumer- submitted inquiries such as, "Are McDonald"s egg organic or free-range?" and "Does McDonald"s import beef from various other countries?"

McDonald"s has also addressedthe rumored presence of "pink slime" in its meat and information about which egg dishes room cooked in the restaurant and which ones space pre-made and frozen.

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We have selected few of the most frequently asked concerns and detailed summaries that the company"s responses.


YouTube/McDonald"s Australia

"Our eggs room not organic, nor are they free-range; they space from caged hens," McDonald"s Australia write on that is website.

Caged hens develop the cheapest eggs, which help keeps McDonald"s price low, the firm says.

"Our goal is to administer customers with good quality food at great value," the company"s prize reads. "The expense of essential or complimentary range eggs would certainly raise the price of our food come a point that ours customers might not feeling they room receiving the value they"ve concerned expect indigenous us."

In the U.S., however, McDonald"s buys a "small amount" the cage-free egg "as part of a clinical research job McDonald"s is component of to far better understand various hen real estate systems," the company writes.

"In the U.S., there is no agreement or firm scientific study on even if it is one kind of real estate system is better than the other, which leads to a the majority of confusion," McDonald"s USA adds.

Why perform McDonald's chicken nuggets save on computer an "anti-foaming" agent?


McDonald"s Canada

"McDonald’s frying oil consists of a tiny amount of an additive referred to as dimethlypolysiloxane, which helps protect against oil indigenous foaming and also spattering in our restaurants," McDonald"s USA explains.

Dimethylpolysiloxane is additionally used in some non-food products, such as putty, caulks, and cosmetics.

For the reason, "there have actually been people who have actually erroneously declared that these items are also in our food," the company explains.

The company added that scientific names because that ingredients have the right to "sound scary" also if they space safe and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

"For example, the salt you use to de-ice a driveway is a sport of the salt you use in the kitchen, but they space both sodium chloride," the firm writes.

Does McDonald's USA income beef from other countries?


McDonald"s Australia

Most the the beef that McDonald"s supplies in the U.S. Restaurants is raised domestically, "although we import a little percentage of ours 100% beef from suppliers in Australia and brand-new Zealand to complement our U.S. Purchases," the agency says.

All the the chicken offered in McDonald"s U.S. Restaurants is raised domestically.

Are McDonald's french fries made from 100% potatoes?


YouTube/McDonald"s Canada

McDonald"s french friesare do from entirety potatoes that room peeled, cut into french fries and also then partially fried before they are packaged and also shipped come the chain"s restaurants.

A video from McDonald"s Canada defines the procedure in much more detail.

The video shows McDonald"s potatoes being harvested indigenous farms and then sent out to a processing plant, whereby they room washed, peeled and cut.

"Once the potatoes space cut, we press the strips to a blancher to remove the organic sugars from the strips," Mario Dupuis, the manufacturing manager because that McCain, a fries supplier for McDonald"s Canada, claims in the video. "This will prevent some variation in our color once us re-cook the product.

"Following the blanching process we add a a dextrose systems to have actually that nice also coat the we check out in the restaurants. Us also add an ingredient come our strips to make sure that we protect against the graying of our product throughout the process."

Next, moisture is eliminated from the strips prior to they space fried, frozen, and packaged because that shipping.

YouTube/McDonald"s Australia

"The significant ingredient in our signature slices is organic cheese, for this reason the plastic rumor is just a myth," claims Nicole Thornton, a McDonald"s crew member in Sydney, Australia, in a video.

Other key ingredients encompass milk solids, butter and also emulsifiers, which are additives supplied to enhance the color and also texture of handle foods.

"If you room referring to the smoothness and also flexibility of our cheese," Thornton explains, "that is acquired by blending heated cheeses and also other ingredients with emulsifiers and also thendispensing that onto a smooth chilled surface, similar to some the the processed cheeses you"ll find in the supermarket."

The ingredients in McDonald"s cheddar cheese slices, as noted on the company"s website, room as follows: Milk, cream, water, cheese culture, sodium citrate, and 2% or much less of salt, citric acid, sodium phosphate, sorbic mountain (preservative), lacticacid, acetic acid, enzymes, sodium pyrophosphate, herbal flavor, color added, and soy lecithin.

YouTube/McDonald"s Australia

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about McDonald"s food in Australia, according to Jonathon Pitt, a McDonald"s franchise owner in Queensland.

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"Absolutely, there is no pig fat in ours soft offer — or in our shakes, for that matter," Pitt states in a video on just how the frozen yogurt is made. "The only animal products in our soft serve room the dairy ingredients themselves."

That contains milk, cream, and also milk solids. Sugar is added for sweetness and also emulsifiers are provided to save the mixture from separating.

"Vegetable gums are also used to provide it a thick, smooth texture," Pitt says. "And finally, a little vanilla flavor is added."