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The climax of a story comes when the problem or stress and anxiety reaches the highest pitch. In "Harrison Bergeron " this comes once Harrison appears on TV, calls self an "Emperor," rips turn off the gadgets that do the ballerina and him "equal" to rather in his society, and also starts dancing...

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The climax of a story comes once the dispute or tension reaches the highest possible pitch. In "Harrison Bergeron" this comes when Harrison shows up on TV, calls himself an "Emperor," rips off the gadgets that make the ballerina and him "equal" to others in his society, and starts dancing through her. The climax starts with the sentence,

And then, in an explode of joy and grace, into the wait they sprang!

Having been educated by the beginning of the story to understand that what Harrison is doing is highly subversive, radical, and also illegal, readers can be "suspended in air" too at this climatic moment, sitting at the edges of their seats, wondering what is walking to happen next to this audacious couple.

We soon find out, together Diana Moon Glampers come in with a shotgun the she intends at the dancers, death them.

After this excitement, the action winds down.

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