Location / Description

Yuma is located in the Sonoran Desert the southwestern Arizona along Interstate 8 and also the eastern banks of the Colorado River.

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Yuma is just one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US. Both that climate and location along the river make it a popular tourist haven in both winter and summer, particularly for snowbirds and water enthusiasts.

A army presence in ~ the naval Corps waiting Station and also the surrounding Yuma proving Ground, together with an influx of winter tourists every year, is responsible because that continued population growth in both the city and the county.



There space hotels and motels in Yuma, through something for every taste and price range. For much more information and a finish list. Click Here. (Rates, access and preventive online)

Camping & RV Parks

There are numerous camping and RV accommodations in and also around Yuma. For much more information, contact:

visityuma.com Arizona State Parks 602-542-4174 Arizona National woodlands 800-280-CAMP

Population / Elevation

170,900 people / 200 feet above sea level

Weather / Climate

Yuma is Arizona"s warmest winter city and also the sunniest year round location in the US, through an yearly average the 4,133 hrs of sunshine. Yuma has a standard low desert climate with extremely low relative humidity and really high summer temperatures. Stores, shops, restaurants theaters and homes space air-conditioned year round.

Yuma, Arizona - Monthly Climate Normals
Year Jan. Feb. Mar Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep Oct. Nov. Dec.
High °F 87.9 68.7 74.4 78.9 86.3 94.2 103.3 106.6 105.3 100.5 90.3 77.4 68.5
Low °F 60.5 44.2 46.9 50.8 56.5 63.8 72.0 80.7 80.1 73.2 62.2 50.9 44.3
Avg °F 74.2 56.5 60.7 64.9 71.4 79.0 87.6 93.7 92.7 86.8 76.2 64.2 56.4
Rain " 3.17 0.35 0.22 0.21 0.14 0.04 0.02 0.26 0.64 0.31 0.29 0.24 0.45


Yuma"s recorded background began in 1540 as soon as Spanish explorer Hernando de Alarcon, came to be the first European to see the region of the current town site. In 1701, Father Eusebio Francisco Kino was the very first to identify the Yuma Crossing as a gateway come California.

A century later, father Francisco Garces used the Yuma cross in his quest for a land route to California, leading Juan Bautista de Anza and also his pioneering expedition across in 1774, on their method to the an initial successful land course to the California coast. Garces founded 2 missions at the crossing in 1779, but they were destroyed and Garces to be killed throughout the last major Indian uprising a couple of years later.

Fifty year later, it to be rediscovered by Kit Carson and also finally ended up being a permanent colony in the 1850s, when Yuma became the significant river crossing because that the California yellow seekers.

From 1540 come 1854, Yuma to be under the flags of Spain and also Mexico, yet in 1854 came to be a territorial possession that the United claims through the Gadsden Purchase. In its early years, Yuma was identified by numerous names. From 1854 till 1858, Yuma was recognized as Colorado City; native 1858 until 1873, the was named Arizona City. Yuma obtained its present name by the territorial Legislature in 1873.

After the construction of ft Yuma top top the western financial institution of the Colorado River, in 1850, a town soon sprang up throughout the flow which to be the house of households whose occupations were tied come the military post. After ~ the closing of the fort in 1883, the town continued to grow since of the facility of the Arizona Territorial jail in its midst and also mining in the nearby mountains. The jail was relocated to Florence, and also the mining boom ended, however Yuma ongoing to thrive when dams were built on the Colorado flow to save water for farming use.

The County and City were called for the original inhabitants, the Yumas. The Yumas to be a mix of Indian people of the reduced Colorado Region, which had the Quechans, Cocopahs,and the Mohaves. These tribes were connected by being members of the same etymological group.

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Things come Do

An diversity of to chat facilities encompass golf, tennis, fishing, hunting, boating, swimming, and also rock hounding to cite a few. Yuma"s Calendar of events is pack with points to do and also see while providing a diversity of history and culture. Two state historic parks, Yuma jail Site and Yuma cross are located within the city. Discover adventure in the numerous parks, recreation and also wilderness areas located nearby.

Resources & surrounding Attractions


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Cities & Towns

El Centro, California: 41 mile west. Borrego Springs, California: 115 miles northwest. San Diego, California: 158 mile west. Gila Bend, Arizona: 114 miles east. Phoenix, Arizona: 179 miles east. Tucson, Arizona: 237 miles east. Quartzite, AZ 70 miles north

Parks & Monuments

Yuma jail Site historic Park: Yuma. Yuma crossing State historical Park: Yuma. Organ pipe Cactus nationwide Moment: 169 miles southeast. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: 100 miles northwest.

Recreation & Wilderness Areas

Kofa nationwide Wildlife Refuge: 30 mile north. Imperial national Wildlife Refuge: 40 miles north. Cabeza Prieta nationwide Wildlife Refuge: 60 miles southeast. Muggins mountains Wilderness: 25 mile east. Trigo Mount. Wilderness: 25 miles east. Salton Sea State Recreation Area: 80 miles northwest Salton Sea Wildlife Refuge: 65 miles wet. Imperial Sand Dunes: 20 mile west. Tumco and Hedges Ghost Town

Historic & clues of Interest

Arizona Historical culture Century house Museum & Gardens (Yuma): 928-782-1842 Sahati Desert pet Breeding Center (Yuma): 928-627-2553.