However before, I need the equation in terms of y. That is, the develop y=f(x) as opposed to the current |y|=f(x)

How do you obtain an equation in regards to y as soon as absolute value is wrapping it. Is tright here an inverse absolute worth attribute I can use to both sides of the equation?

My first attempt wregarding usage the old trick: $|n| = sqrt<2>n^2$

But of course that"s not a real equation given that roots have actually $±$.

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Sure enough once using that to attempt to get the equation in terms of y the graph faibrought about recreate a square and also ended up graphing what looked like a "w".


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asked Dec 17 "18 at 18:48

Albert RenshawAlbert Renshaw
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$y = pm |y| = pm (1 - |x|)$ for $-1 le x le 1$.

That is, tbelow are 2 cases: $+(1 - |x|)$ which gives you the top fifty percent of your square, and also $-(1-|x|)$ which offers you the bottom half.

Those inecharacteristics are essential, because $|y|$ is not enabled to be negative.

answered Dec 17 "18 at 19:04

Robert IsraelRobert Israel
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