An atom of potassium has an digital configuration the 1s² 2s² 2p⁶ 3s² 3p⁶ 4s¹. Just how else have the right to this electronic configuration it is in represented? 4s¹ <2 Ne>4s¹ 4s¹ 4s¹

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What is the noble gas electron configuration for potassium

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one atom the potassium has an digital configuration that 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s1. Just how else can this digital configuration it is in represented? (A) open up brackets Ar 4s1 near brackets. (B) open up brackets Ar close brackets 4s1. (C) open up brackets 2 Ne close base 4s1. (D) open brackets Ne close brackets 4s1. Or (E) open up brackets Kr close brackets 4s1.

An digital configuration is the representation of the setup of electron distributed amongst the orbitals and subshells. We deserve to represent full electronic configurations as displayed in the concern for potassium by writing the subshells in order native lowest energy to highest possible energy and using superscript brand to show how many electrons there are in every subshell. The full electronic configuration that atoms deserve to be quite long when we space dealing with aspects that have high atom numbers. It is sometimes simpler to usage bracketed noble gas notation, which is periodically referred to as shorthand notation or one abbreviated digital configuration.

let’s illustrate how one have the right to use the periodic table to generate the abbreviated electronic configuration for potassium. With the regular table being arranged in order of increasing atomic number, wherein atomic number is identified as the number of protons for the element, the neutral atoms of each aspect are, therefore, additionally organized in order of increasing number of electrons. Together a result, the periodic table is essentially arranged based upon the digital configurations the the atom of the elements.

To illustrate this, let’s start by labeling the periods displayed followed by the labeling that the s and p block. It need to be listed that while this method works fine for elements in the s and p blocks, the is no as effective for elements in the d and also f blocks. Also an alert the d block is not attracted to scale as the element this question is concentrated on is not found in the d block. In addition, since the element potassium is discovered in duration four in ~ the s block, we will not it is in worried around adding more details pertaining to the remainder of the periodic table.

The share formula for composing shorthand notation for a neutral atom or ion firstly consists of separating up the main point electrons or inner electrons from the valence electrons or the electrons that reside in the highest energy levels. Very first off, potassium is found in period four and is in team one, which is labeled as s1. Together for the other aspects in the s and p blocks, an element’s place on the regular table indicates the subshell that has its valence electrons or electrons in the highest power levels. The is why the full electronic configuration for potassium ends through 4s1, which way its valence electron stays in the 4s subshell. And the continuing to be 18 electrons room the main point electrons the fill up every of the subshells that precede the 4s subshell or are reduced in energy than the 4s subshell.

as soon as it pertains to writing digital configuration in shorthand notation, the chemistry symbol the the noble gas whose electronic configuration corresponds with the complete core electrons because that the facet in concern is created in brackets. In identify the correct noble gas, every one of which reside in group 18, labeling p6 on this routine table, very first locate the chemistry symbol because that the element in question on the regular table. The noble gas that is in the period above the period the element is in is the one that must be used in the brackets. The noble gas the is uncovered in duration three, the duration above the period potassium is in, is argon, which means instead of composing out the place of the 18 main point electrons in potassium as 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6, i beg your pardon is argon’s electronic configuration, we deserve to shorten it to the chemistry symbol Ar in brackets followed by 4s1, the ar of the valence electron for potassium. As a result, the exactly answer is answer selection (B).

stop ensure this is the correct answer by acquisition a look at the staying answer choices. As soon as writing the bracketed noble gas section of the shorthand notation, there have to only it is in one chemical symbol or one noble gas indicated within the brackets. This eliminates answer choice (C), which has a coefficient number 2 in front of the neon chemical symbol. Another particular detail about shorthand notation is that only the chemical symbol of the noble gas need to be in the brackets, when the subshell or subshells include the outermost electrons must be written exterior of the brackets. This eliminates answer choice (A), which has both the chemistry symbol the the noble gas and also the subshell v the valence electron inside of the brackets.

Looking in ~ answer options (D) and (E), they space both created in the appropriate shorthand format. However, if us were to create out the full digital configuration because that answer choices (D) and (E), us would find that, one, when including up all the superscripts because that each, they carry out not same to the 19 electron potassium includes and, two, they one of two people skip subshells or repeat subshells, i m sorry is not correct.

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Therefore, just how else have the right to the digital configuration for potassium be represented? The answer is choice (B) open bracket Ar nearby bracket 4s1.