mine son"s English teacher has told him the many of chicken is chickens,I to be taught or at least I assumed I was,that the plural of chicken is chicken,come on part prove me wrong.sabc15.

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You don"t count your chickens before they"re hatched. So the many of chicken is chickens.



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Ok. Next time ns go to KFC it will be French fries and also two chickens legs.sabc15.

kerguen 1443551716

two legs off one chicken!!! I understand in this day and age it deserve to be legs turn off two different chickens however ....

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It"s chickens however I think the there is some justification for her mistake. Think of another farmyard animal, the ox. One ox, 2 oxen. Therefore common sense might suggest the it have to be one chick, two chickens. But chick is an abbreviation, and also the name offered to the young, not the singular. Like tiny cats where one kitten becomes two kittens and one chicken becomes two chickens.

Dont-Do-It 1443566294

The teacher is always right. It is the parents who mess their youngsters up through their odd-fashioned or commen sense views. Time change. Obtain used to it or go back to school.

Live&Love 1443568039

The teacher is not always right I"m afraid. The various other year my daughter to be told that a rubbish bin is not called a rubbish bin it"s dubbed litter. Mine daughter the smart mouth she is contradicted the teacher "litter bin" the teacher gave her a detention. Once we enquires why she had actually the detention ns took it increase with type tutor that was an euro english teacher and she to be shocked the the teacher was teaching wrong. The factor the teacher believed it was litter is since she saw it created on the bins in London. Not the very first time and won"t it is in the last time that a teacher it s okay it wrong. The does make me laugh once the english teacher struggles with tongue twisters like " the rowers heat while castle row".

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As because that sabc15"s question

In English numerous such words have actually both a singular and plural form.The plural form is provided when one wishes to to express a particular idea. For example, we have numerous chickens in ours backyard.The singular type that does not have actually a many form, is offered for a basic idea. Such as: Tonight us ate chicken.

i asked my cousin that is an english teacher in the UK. A level teacher. And this was she response