What are heart valves?

The heart has actually 4 chambers, 2 top chambers (atria) and 2 reduced chambers (ventricles). Blood passes v a valve prior to leaving every chamber of the heart. The valves prevent the backward flow of blood. Valves are actually flaps (leaflets) that act as one-way inlets because that blood coming right into a ventricle and also one-way outlets because that blood leaving a ventricle.Normal valves have 3 flaps (leaflets), other than the mitral valve. That only has actually 2 flaps. The 4 love valves are:


Tricuspid valve. This valve is located between the best atrium and also the appropriate ventricle.

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Pulmonary valve. The pulmonary valve is located between the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery.

Mitral valve. This valve is located between the left atrium and also the left ventricle. It has only 2 leaflets.

Aortic valve. The aortic valve is located between the left ventricle and also the aorta.

How execute the love valves work?

As the heart muscle contracts and also relaxes, the valves open and also shut. This lets blood circulation into the ventricles and atria at alternative times. Below is a step-by-step description of just how the valves work normally in the left ventricle:

When the left ventricle relaxes, the aortic valve closes and also the mitral valve opens. This lets blood circulation from the left atrium right into the left ventricle.

The left atrium contracts. This allows even an ext blood to circulation into the left ventricle.

When the left ventricle contracts, the mitral valve closes and the aortic valve opens. This is so blood flows into the aorta and also out come the remainder of the body.

when the left ventricle is relaxing, the appropriate ventricle likewise relaxes. This reasons the pulmonary valve to close and the tricuspid valve to open. This lets blood circulation into the best ventricle that was went back to the right atrium indigenous the body.

once the left ventricle contracts, the right ventricle likewise contracts. This reasons the pulmonary valve to open and the tricuspid valve come close. Blood flows the end from the right ventricle to the lungs prior to it is went back to the left atrium together fresh, oxygenated blood.

What is love valve disease?

Heart valves deserve to have number of problems. This include:

Regurgitation is a leaky valve. This way the valve doesn"t completely close and also the blood flows backward v the valve. This outcomes in leakage the blood back into the atria indigenous the ventricles in the case of the mitral and tricuspid valves. Or the leaks earlier into the ventricles in the situation of the aortic and pulmonary valves. This can reason the chambers to be overworked because they have actually repump the extra blood the was returned. End time, this can cause structural and functional transforms in the heart chambers. These transforms prevent the chambers from pumping blood normally.

Stenosis is a narrowed valve. With stenosis,the valve opened is narrowed and the valve doesn"t open up correctly. This provides it harder for the love to pump bloodacross the small valve. The heart should use much more force come pump blood with the stiff (stenotic) valve or valves. This can additionally cause structural and functional changes to the various chambers of the heart. These changes prevent the love from pump blood normally.

Atresia. This method the valve opened doesn"t build normally throughout childhood. This avoids blood native passing from an atria to a ventricle, or from a ventricle come the pulmonary artery or aorta. Blood have to find an additional route. This is usually with a problem present at bear (congenital). This could be one atrial septal defect or a ventricular septal defect. This action as one more route because that the blood to move through the love

When love valves fail to open and close correctly, the damages to the heart have the right to be serious.

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The harm can affect the heart"s capability to pump blood through the body.