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Ding Fries are Done is a parody music video clip based ~ above the Christmas carol track Carol the the Bells, sung through a secret singer only well-known as “Billy.” The parodied lyrics details an mean work transition at a local fast food branch, choose making french fries and rocking the file hats.

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“Ding Fries space Done” is a single track off a 1993 Christmas album titled A very Spastic Christmas.

LyricsI job-related at burgess King make flame-broiled whoppers, i wear file hats.Would you prefer an to apologize pie v that?Would you choose an apologize pie through that?Ding! Fries room done. Ding! Fries space done.Ding! Fries space done. Ding! Fries room done.I gotta run. Ns gotta run. I gotta run. I gotta run.Don”t bob because that fries in warm fat.They hurt bad and so carry out skin grafts.Would you favor an apologize pie v that?Would you prefer an to apologize pie v that?Where is the bell? Wait for the bell.Can”t listen the bell. Wherein is the bell? While that is likely that this commercial to be a mock up that was never aired yet the document album walk exist. The album was accessible on cassette ice only and also could be ordered by mail a examine to a PO box in Burbank, California. On December 11th, 1994, “Ding Fries space Done” was featured for the an initial time ~ above the Dr. Demento radio show as component of his yearly Christmas-themed episodes.

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It has been featured over an additional 40 time on the show due to the fact that then.


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